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The review of 34 Terrace House “Case of Bottle Beer Incident”

The review of 34 Terrace House “Case of Bottle Beer Incident”

Long time no see? For me it is been a long time to write a story of Terrace House haha. I am sorry that I am too late to update. Well, I have many things to want to talk to you guys here. This is because many new residents were coming to Terrace House.
Of course, I am so interested in Niino whose cheeks have been red entire time.
First of all, unfortunately Emika and Tupas graduated from the house. But eventually they decided to be a couple. So I am happy with their decision.

The most difficult things

reference: facebook

Toshiyuki invited Hana for a dinner. He took a taxi to get there. Hana asked him the most difficult experience he has ever had at that time.
He said that t was the first company he ever worked for. The company was one of the most mentally challenging situation he has been in.

“I didn’t get along well with my boss. They would yell on a daily basis. But that because the inspiration for me mediation business,”…

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