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The 33rd week of Terrace House “Half Blue”

A new member brings a love romance 

Hey guys, long time no see! Finally, we can see the next episode. I have been waiting for the moment because Emika gives her answer to Tupas. In addition, I am so interested in how the story between Kai and Hana will develop from now on! 
Just friendsFirst of all, girls member talked about the date of Kai and Hana at the dining room.Hana said that Kai is very easy to talk to.

“But I would prefer to be pursued. We went out for monjayaki together. But I had to push those plans to make it happen.”

If he would take the reins on things more readily, Hana would feel more taken care of, more womanly.
I can understand what she wants to talk about it. We admire the gentleman. Especially, Ryo was really good at dealing with girls. If she compares Kai with Ryo, she will be not able to be satisfied. She said that Kai didn’t make her feel like a woman.

However, actually, I thought that she starts taking interests in him. So it was totally out of my expectation.

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