at Kiln Aoyama in 27rd week of Terrace House

The pottery's date of Vivi and Kai 

I feel that so many things happened in 27rd week. Hana finally told her feelings to Ryo and Vivi started approaching to Ryo from the 27rd.
So, Hana was depressed due to seeing they enjoy talking. In addition, Vivi was invited to go to make pottery by Kai. Today,
 I told you where the school was !

at Kiln Aoyama

I have never known that there is a place where people can have an opportunity to make potteries in Aoyama until watching Terrace House.

At Kiln Aoyama has a shop on the first floor and a studio on the second floor. So you can enjoy shopping and making it as well.

They have two opportunities for you guys, trial lessons and member course.

Trial lesson

They prepare three menu, TATARA ART COURSE, BISQUE ART COURSE and ELECTRIC WHEEL in terms of trial lesson.   

TATARA ART COUSR fit in all beginners for the first step. I know it could be tough to use electric wheel for the first. But you can make it by putting the clay into the plaster mold.
You can choose two out of six kinds of shape. 

Price 5,000 yen~/ a lesson ( 2 hours)

BISQUE ART COURSE is good for people who love choosing the design whatever they like.
You can put your favorite design from decalcomania paper and affix it to your unglazed pottery piece. Personally, I really want to try it. I think that you can make your own Japanese souvenir here. 

 Price 540 yen~ 810 yen / a pottery

ELECTRIC WHEEL is perfect for a person doing in earnest. 

If you want to try it, you should reserve from the internet or going to the shop in advance.
Before you take this lesson, you should cut your nails if possible. And they prepare aprons for you. So if you need it, you should ask them. 

You can make a rice bowl, teacup or free cup.
Price 4,000 yen /a person (50min~1 hour)

Actually, they have a member course as well. If you are interested in that, please check official website.

Business hour
1F shop
Monday to Sunday ( Wednesday is closed day)

2F trial course
Saturday, Sunday and holiday (Wednesday is closed day)

2F member course
Monday to Sunday (Wednesday is closed day)

By the way, the pottery reminds me of American movie, Ghost. However, Vivi mentioned that she is hoked on Ryo. And she asked Kai about Ryo during the lunch after making potteries.
Well, I also can find a tom of reasons that Ryo is very popular among women, but even so,  he is really popular among girl's residents.
I wish Kai's luck!

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