Emika Mizukoshi, looking for the goal through the lives of Terrace House

Emika Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020 on Netflix

Emika, are you a really stray sheep?

I would like to talk about Emika today.My first impression of her was that I have met a person at least once like her in my life.She is a university student and has a dream to be a cabin attendant.  
She is seemed to be very popular with men due to having a good looking as well as good style. However, she struggles to find a way to draw her future. She is always surrounded by roommates having each dreams and they knew the way to reach it exactly. I think it could be stress for her. However, I hope she can find it as well.

Well, I cannot talk about her without the existence of Hana. Emika told Hana that she is interested in Ruka. Emika usually spent a time with him, like proving her words by herself. As a result, Hana never doubted her words. The fighting between Hana and Emika happened in 23rd week.
Emika was depressed because Hana brings up the fact that she usually sleeps with Ruka in front of Ryo. Emika did not want him to know that.
Emika tried to clear up her misunderstanding about the relationship with Ruka.
However, Hana said, “It was caused by your action, like watching a love romance with Ruka at night. If you do not want me to misunderstand, you should not do that with him,’ said Hana.
During growing sense of distrust to Emika, Hana went to Taiwan for her job. While she didn’t stay at home, Emika invited Ryo for a dinner.
Well, I am not sure yet, it meant that she actually likes Ryo not Ruka. (Ruka is just a good friend) Or she did just to spite Hana. And the case of pierced earrings happened.

In 24rd week, it was near midnight when Emika and Ryo came back to home from the restaurant in Ginza.
Then all roommate was in the living room to chat. Two of them joined that. Once she had a seat, she started humming to herself while groping in her bag. And she realized something.

“I forgot my pierced earrings,” she said.

Hearing that, Hana worn a doubtful expression.  

“Why did you take off your pierced earrings at the restaurant?” Hana asked.

“Because I felt pain in my earlobe,” she answered.

Her attitude made the atmosphere at the living room uncomfortable. After all, the riddle remains unsolvedwhy does she need to take off pierced earrings. Yamasato said something happened between Emika and Ryo.
I am so concerned what happened…!

By the way, actually there was a previously unreleased scene which she cried because of reputations to her in the internet. It is tough for her to deal with that.

Appearing on TV has a risk. She has already known that, but when it happened to her in real, it could be hard.

What is her type?

She likes a man who has a commonsense and gives us the impression of a neat. Also she prefers a man havings a dream.
She likes following a crush, so she will usually lose an interest in the crush if he tries to draw attention from her again and again. 

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