Genghis Khan Kirishima in 19rd week of Terrace House

Enjoy Genghis Khan Kirishima in Suidoubashi!

This is the restaurant where Ryo and Emika came for a dinner after a date of the baseball game.
Then she told him that she warries about her own future.
“I am a stray sheep, Genghis khan,” she said. It was a funny joke.
Anyway…lol I will introduce you this store. 

Do you want to eat Genghis Khan in Japan?

Genghis Khan Kirishima has eight stores in Tokyo. So the store in Suidoubashi is one of chain store.
You can enjoy soft lamb kept a good balance lean meat and fat to the fullest.
In addition, you can choose parts of lamb whatever you want when you order. 

They also have variety drinks menu including, beers, shochu ( Japanese liquors distilled from sweet potatoes, wheat, etc.) and soft drinks etc. 

And don’t forget that there are some courses which you can chose depending on your occasion.
The store is decorated in good modern taste. You can relax with the couch while eating.

Lunch-only menu

Original hamburg steak made of 100% lamb! This hamburg steak, carefully crafted at the store, is packed with the delicious taste of lamb. Original hamburg steak made of 100% lamb! This hamburg steak, carefully crafted at the store, is packed with the delicious taste of lamb.

Healthy lamb, high-protein and low-calorie meat, absolutely help you on a diet.

That’s why it is popular with women as well as men.

Also they have all-you-can-eat raw lamb and all-you-can-drink menu.

In terms of all-you-can-drink, people can choose from two courses, A course (120min for 5,200 yen) and B course (90min for 3,600 yen.)  

As regards to all-you-can-eat raw lamb, you can enjoy it for 5,800 yen for 90min.

Ozeki also loves 

When I searched this store in the internet, I realized that ex-Oseki, a sumo wrestler of second highest rank, also loves this store. 
Do you know Kazuhiro Kirishima ? He has already retired, but still has a lot of his fan.
 Hounestly I am not familiar with Sumo, so I didn't know him. 
However, I know that sumo wrestlers need high-quality protein to build storong body. 
So the lamb rich in vitamins and iron is perfect food. 
In addition,when  the sumo tournament is held in January, March, May, September, November, you can enjoy Chankonabe, professional sumo wrestlers' hodgepodge-style stew of such foods as fish, meat, and vegetables, all boiled up together in a large pan.

Business hours
It opens from 11:30~23:30 all day
No closed day

Available language
They have menus in English and Chinese

Availabel credit cards
Visa MasterCard JCB America Express

Only a minute walk from Suidoubashi station to get there

Official website

Actually, I have never eaten raw lamb before in my life, but I want to try to eat too! This is because it must be yummy and not expensive!
If you come here for a lunch, you can enjoy that within the budget of 1,000 yen.
In addition, Suidoubashi is very close to Akihabara station which is very popular as a sightseeing spot in Japan.
Please enjoy your trip in Japan!

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