PEPPE (DURATO GIUSEPPE), the best person ever in Terrace House

Peppe Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020 on Netflix
reference: TERRACE HOUSE TOKYO 2019-2020 twitter

I am so excited to talk about him because I love him!


He is coming from Italy to be a comic writer in Japan. Seeing the briskly working him also left a strong impression.

He starts living in Terrace House owing to the fact that he tells people that all Italy are not play boy. Actually, he is really shy person and he has never tried to talk to girls on the street.

In terms of his girlfriend, he has dated with only one girl so far.

During the lives, he fell in love with Haruka.

First of all, when Hana, one of girl’s member, was coming to house as a new roommate, she offered other roommates to close eyes after a dinner and said, “If you are in love with somebody right now, please put your hands up. I promise that I will never say this to anyone.”

PEPPE was the only person who put his hand up. I thought his crush is Emika at first because boys were talking about “bros before hoes” before her its offers.  

It led naturally the idea which his crush is same as someone’s. (Actually, he went to the beach with Emika in those days)

However, my thought was incorrect.

In 22rd week, He heard that she is thinking of graduating from Terrace House soon during a date. Then he proposed to go to the special place for a next date before she leaves.

The long-awaited day has finally come in 24rd week.

He invited her to a bar in the hotel. He dressed up and brought pink rose for her.

With a cocktail in one hand, he started talking about means of pink rose.

I felt that an atmosphere between him and her was good…

Finally, he was not accepted by her in 25rd week. It is so sad.

But, in contrast, I was so moved by the scene of what he pick up the comic in the shop.

His works was published in the comic for the first time in his life. It is an absolutely beautiful scene. I recommend you watch that.
Yamasato also recognized his effort. He is really impeccable! I hope his job is going well in the future.

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