Hana Kimura, a resident of Terrace House Tokyo

reference: Twitter Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020

Hana Kimura, too shy girl but she is a heel on the ring

You can recognize her by her hair color.
Hana, 24-year-old Japanese woman, is a pro wrestler. She is a member of WORLD WONDER RING STARDOM, women pro wrestler group.Actually, her mother is also a pro wrestler. he said that her mother gave her the opportunity to knock the door to a pro wrestler. 
"My mother always told me that I can't get a common job, so you should be a pro wrestler. At the beginning, I refused her views, but finally I accepted it and made a dubut."

Experience with love 

She came to Terrace House to look for good guys and to make the wrestler better known.
She hasn’t had a lot of chance to talk to guys so far, so her friends gave her a nickname “virgin.”
"I am easy to fall in love with someone." 
And she regards herself as a pure.
"For instance, if I have a crush and see that he and another girl are talking, I will think that they are already dating," Hana said.
So she tendely waits for an opportunity to talk.
"However, if  the instinct exceeds the reason, I will act."

I hope that she can get an opportunity to have a good time at Terrace House.
She has just focused on her job so far. This is because she missed many oppourtinties, she said.

What is her typr?

She said that her type is old man.
"When I said that I preffer an old man, people will think a man between 40 and 50 years olad. But I consider that a man over 25 years is already old an old man."

She likes a man who is excel in something. Especially, a man who has something that she dosen't have.

What is your ideal date?

She wants to wear Yukata and go to firework display.
"And I want to go to a night pool as well as the beach," she said.

What is a reason why she came to Terrace House?

She feels that Women pro wrestler is not well known in Japan as opposed to men pro wrestler.
"And I want more many young people come to see us."
She has been a fan of Terrace House. So she has thought that she can spread women pro wrestler among young people and can fall in love with somebody if she becomes a resident.

"Also I hope that I want to know a defferent sence of value through the livings with other poeple," she said.

What is going?? 

She strated living in Terrcae House. I was really excited how she loves throught Terrcae House...!
And she showed us it!
 Once she saw Ryo, she had a crush on him. She could not talk with him casually.
Because she could not look at his face while chatting, she covered her face by a cushion. Her shy look was so cute and it reminded me of a romance when was a high school student.

However, Emika would be her rival……
In 25rd week, finally Emika told her that she actually likes Ryo.
I am afraid that they are going to fight again one day.

By the way, if your crus were same as your friend’s one, what would you do for that ta that time?
I do not want to fight with friends because of this reason.
Well, we should use the word “bros before hose” in the time of hardship.

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Garden Farm in Ginza in 29rd week of Terrace House

How is it going so far? Nowadays, I am so happy because so many people start visiting my blog. I did appreciate that. Personally, I really like writing about Japan because I want people to get to know Japan well through this blog. I hope that people take any interests in Japan more from here.

Seeing a professional wrestling match in Korakuen Hall

Hana Kimura is a pro wrestler and gave us opportunities to know about a pro wrestling through her own lives of Terrace House. So today, I would like to teach you the way to enjoy a pro wrestling in Japan! Did you remember the place named Korakuen Hall in 24rd week of Terrace House.

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