Haruka Okumura, can have a chance to try to understand others

Haruka Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020


Haruka Okuyama🍣(@harukaoffi)がシェアした投稿 -

Today, I am going to talking about Haruka

Did you notice that she was super growing up through Terrace House.

She was what is called selfish person before. I guess this is because the surroundings around

her was bit different from other girl’s.

She has been working as an actress from childhood (now she is 24-year-old) and has a hobby which is not girlish.

She really like driving car and often go for a drive in her beloved vehicle, corvette.

It is easy for me to imagine how hard for her to live with others at same house. Seemingly, she does not like cleaning house too much…

There were some voices to her, like she is a strong-minded woman and very pushy. When it comes to dating with Yusuke, I could not deny that she gave him a suggestive word. So, she damaged her reputation.

However, I think that she changed after Kaori graduated from Terrace House. She is more mature than what she was before. For example, when Hana talked with Haruka about Emika, she never supported only one side and she kept helping Ruka as usual.

Haruka has a younger sister and said Haruka is very kind. I think it is true. After announcing the graduation from the house, the relationship between Haruka and Peppe getting close. I hoped everything going well, but Haruka did not accept his feeling.

She was talking about how feelings was at that time on the last interview.

Until I watched it, I didn’t know they got back to home by taxi holding hands.

However, after arriving home, he did nothing special things to her.

I guess that the reason why she didn’t accept him was he was a late bloomer in that department.

Also, what he was too busy as a comic writer whole time could be another reason for that.

In my opinion, she is the person who changed dramatically the most through Terrace House. In many ways, she showed us how people changed by meeting new people.

By the way, a person having personalities like hers is minority in Japan. Especially, after the rapid spread of the SNS, Japanese girls like following the fashion. In other words, they like what others like.

Having an original thing is great thing. But, this is not a reason which can fail to have an interest to others and make an effort to understand them.

Be a cooperative person! I feel that this is another subject of Terrace House (especially, in Japan…)

Conclusively, she also graduated from Terrace House in 25rd week.

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