Johnkimverlu Tupas ( a new resident of Terrace House)

John Tupas, looking for something what he wants to do

His introduction 

In 26rd week of Terrace House, John Tupas started living in Terrace House with two new residents.
He looks shy, but he already has a person who he is interested in.
Yamasato said that he will couses something in the future. 

He was born in the Philippines and moved to Aichi in Japan when he was 8 years old. After graduating from high school in Japan, he worked in a factory. A year ago, he started working as a personal assistant for famous actor and illustrator, Lily Franky. 

When it comes to a job as a personal assistant, mainly John dives a car for him and is on standby while Lily is working.

The reason why he came to Terrace House

He wants to find a object for his future through the lives of Terrace House.

“I want to be inspired while spending a lot of residents who have each their own life style,” he said.

Also, he has lived with her mother and brother. So he wants to know how it is to live with somebody. And he usually meets new people through Lily. So he wants to make friends by himself at Terrace House.

In terms of living with women, he said that it would be good for him to know another side of women.

Usually, if I have a girlfriend, I cannot have enough time to know about her because we spend a time together only when we have a date. However, if I live in same place as hers, I can discover many sides of her,” he said.

What is his type?

He dose not have any specifics, but he just likes women who enjoys something as women.

“For instance, a fashion, nail artist and something that women can only do,” he said.

He hasn’t had a chance to talk with women casually yet,

“However, I want to say that you are cute or beautiful if I feel so to the woman. I want to be a romantic,” he said.

Actually, he starts getting interested in Emika. 
"I assume that she used to date with jock. I was not popular when I was a high school student, so long to date with woman like her," he said.

In my opinion, Emika could be interested in him, but she is seemed to like Ryo right now.
I am so excited to see what will be going on!

Kanton no Omoide, Korean Restaurant in 28rd week of Terrace House

In 28rd week of Terrace House, Tupas invited Emika for a lunch. They visited Kanton no Omoide. (I am sorry that I don't know the way to write in English) Omoide means memories in English. By the way, nowadays Korean food is a fad in Japan!

Kai Kobayashi, a new resident of Terrace House

Kai Kobayashi, 25-year-old, is half Japanese and half American. He is usually drawing pictures and playing stand-up comedy. During the first interview, he struggled with finding an answer for his hometown. According to what he said, he was born in Malaysia and moved to Thailand.

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