Kai Kobayashi, a new resident of Terrace House

Kai Kobayashi ( 26rd week of Terrace House)

Who is Kai Kobayashi? 

Kai Kobayashi, 25-year-old, is half Japanese and half American.
He is usually drawing pictures and playing stand-up comedy.
During the first interview, he struggled with finding an answer for his hometown.
According to what he said, he was born in Malaysia and moved to Thailand. After that, he moved back to Malaysia and to Arizona in America next. However, he went back to Thailand again and moved to Vietnam. Finally, he came back to America and has stayed there for three years.

I am bit confused and I guess that you also got lost. So…

Born in MalaysiaThailandMalaysiaArizonaThailandVietnamAmericaJapan(now)

What is stand-up comedy for him?

He discovered stand-up comedy this year.
When he was in the depth of disappointment because of breaking up with his girlfriend, he was helped by stand-up comedy.
Actually, he has dated with the girlfriend for three years and he has started thinking about the future with her. However, they made a decision to walk on their own way respectively.
He was writhing in pain. Then he met stand-up comedy. He could smile again and hoped to spread it more.
“I like letting people laugh. I didn’t know that I can do it right now at that time, but just once, I thought that I should try to do it just once,” he said.

And he mentioned that he likesChris Rock, a stand-up comedian, the most. 

The reason why he came to Terrace House?

He likes meeting various people who usually he doesn’t meet in his daily life.
He wants to make friends and a funny moment with funny residents. Of course, He wants to be in love with somebody.
“Through loving somebody, I can learn many things. I have dated with five girls so far, but I had only one girl who I could love from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

What is his type?

A girl who is really honest to herself and impressionable. In addition, somebody is absorbed in something.
“I just try to have a communication with a girl willingly,” he said.

Is there anything to worry about?

He worries about the communication the most.
“Like, can I tell people exactly what I want to tell them or can I understand clearly what they want to tell me,” he said.

Actually, I didn’t have any knowledges about stand-up comedy until he talked about it.
So, I am so excited to be able to have opportunities to come into contact with stand-up comedy through his lives of Terrace House.
By the way. Stand-up comedy is a style which a comedian performs before audiences by speaking.

In my opinion, he will be a good friend of Ryo because he is also chasing his own dream.
However, I cannot imagine with who he will be love. Anyway, I just keep watching Terrace House!

John Tupas ( a new resident of Terrace House)

In 26rd week of Terrace House, John Tupas started living in Terrace House with two new residents. He looks shy, but he already has a person who he is interested in. Yamasato said that he will couses something in the future. He was born in the Philippines and moved to Aichi in Japan when he was 8 years old.

at Kiln Aoyama in 27rd week of Terrace House

I feel that so many things happened in 27rd week. Hana finally told her feelings to Ryo and Vivi started approaching to Ryo from the 27rd. So, Hana was depressed due to seeing they enjoy talking. In addition, Vivi was invited to go to make pottery by Kai.

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