PIZZERIA Liana in Kanagawa in 25rd week of Terrace House

Where was the restaurant used by Terrace House? 

PIZZERIA Liana in Kanagawa

Did you remember that the Italian restaurant where Hana and Emika visited for a dinner in 25rd week? Emika told her that she actually likes Ryo there. 
Here is a good spot for Terrace House’s fan.

Pizzeria liana has six stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa. The store which I am going to introduce to you is located in here Kanagawa.

It is only a 1-minute walk away from Sekiuchi station in Kanagawa. Pizzas baked up in 500 stone stove are really nice. In addition, in terms of pasta, they provide RUMMO, famous brand in Italy, to all customers. 

There are enough spaces, 80 seats, to welcome many customers in the restaurant. 

And if you come here at lunch, you can get a dish with a price between 1,000 yen and 2,000 yen. 
As you know here is Italisn restaurant, but they also have acurry at lunch. If you want to try a stewed beef tendon curry here, please visit at lunch time. 

Also they prepare variety courses for a date, girls’ night out and parties. It could be fit in all your occasions. 

The specialty of Pizzeria Liana

It is the pizza made of pie dough which is a very crispy and soft. Please fill your mouth with a melting cheese and enjoy!

This Piezza is provided by the Trattoria Liana, one of chain stores, in Ginza.

Do you know Mocktail? Looks like cocktails but non-alcohol drink. Even if you cannot drink alcohol, you will be able to enjoy. Also, as regard to alcohol drink, they provide about 30 kinds of alcohol drink. You can choose your drink depending on your mood at that time. 

A loss leader!
All-you-can-drink wine and all-you-can-eat dry-cured ham are
provided for 90min, and its price is only 1,500 yen.

The dry-cured ham used by this course is Italian prosciutto. The ripe dry-cured ham with a mellow taste and moderate salty should go well with wine.

Business hours 

It opens from 11:00~15:30 for a lunch and 17:00~22:30 for a dinner from Monday to Thursday and Sunday.

On Friday, opening from 11:00~17:00~23:00.

No closed day!

Officail website: http://italian-liana.com/liana/html/index.html

DINING & BAR TABLE 9 TOKYO/ Prince Hotel Shinagawa in 24rd week

Do you want to feel luxury while seeing a million-dollar night view in Tokyo? DINING & BAR TABLE 9 TOKYO/ Prince Hotel Shinagawa It could remind you of pink roses once you come here for a dinner. The restaurant which I am going to introduce today was the special place for Peppe and Haruka.

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