CHVRCHES sings song 'Graves' for a theme song of Terrace House

reference: twitter Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020

CHVRCHES warms up Terrace House by the song, 'Graves' 

For TERRACE HOUSE TOKYO 2019-2020, ‘Graves’ sang by CHVRCHES is used as a theme song. Original version taken from the ‘Love Is Dead’ album.

CHVRCHES is a band from Glasgow, Scotland, formed in September 2011.

Actually, they visited in Japan to join Summer Sonic Festival, Japanese rock festival.

This festival is always held two places, Tokyo and Osaka once a year. In 2019, it started on August 16 and ended on august 18.

They played songs in Tokyo on August, 18.

The summer sonic festival, is an annual Japanese rock festival, held for three days in tow areas, Tokyo and Osaka in 2019. About 300,000 poeple joined and enjoyed rock music including bands came around the world. photo by Macaron on August.

Well, I also joined this festival in Osaka on August, 18. Unfortunately, I listened to their songs, but I enjoyed the live of FALL OUT BOY!!

Anyway, Graves is totally fit in Terrace House. Please listen to their song!

In terms of ending song, ‘Chasing cars’ whose Snow Patrol sang is used.

Listening inserted songs without any reasons while watching Terrace House, I can discover good songs. But it is tough for me to find out full version.

Nowadays, I knew that I can do easily as long as visit official website of Terrace House.

If you find any favorite songs from Terrace House, visit website and check it!

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