Review of 25rd week in Terrace House "The Girls Cant't Do it"

What happened in 25rd week of Terrace House?

My long-awaited 25rd week finally is coming!

last week, there was no release, so I had to wait for this moment.

Unfortunately, from 25rd week, Terrace House will be broadcasted without one of presenters, Tokui. He is known as gentle man as opposed to Yamasato which always left acid words to residents.

This is because he was accused of tax evasion and he decided to voluntarily refrain from working as an entertainer right now. We don’t know how long he does. However, presenters said that we just wait for him here.

In 25rd week, it started with the scene of Haruka and PEPPE.

He has told her that he fell in love with her before, and she asked him to give her time to think about an answer for that.

In a dimly-lit room, Haruka tried to look for a good word.

“I just thought about it, and I could not imagine to date with you,” she said.

Actually, I thought that she accepts him, so it was out of my expectation.

But, she might worry about him because his job has finally taken off. So she does not want to interrupt it.

Ruka’s graduation…

Ruka cooked broccoli pasta for roommates. He cooked even pasta by himself.

This time, it looked so yummy.

Once they ate it, they started admiring him cooking skills. Then, suddenly Ruka started crying.

Haruka saw it and also cried.

“I am just happy to hear that my dish is good,” he said.

And he asked them to give him time to speech to everybody in English.

Then he announced that he also graduates from Terrace House. All cried out with admiration.

Many Japanese audiences could not stop crying at this scene.

I know how he grew up through the lives of Terrace House.

Ruka and Haruka graduated at same time. Nowadays, some roommates tended to graduate without announcing a graduation in advance. So the graduation, which is originally held on a large scale, ended all too easily.

Thus, I am happy to see it after a long interval.

Ryo with two girls, Emika and Hana…

Emika invited Hana for a dinner after watching his game.

Emika told her that she likes Ryo.

I, I just felt that it is too late…!

However, Hana was not surprised too much and finally understood why Emika didn’t want her to talk about the relationship with Ruka in front of Ryo.

On the other hands, Ryo expressed his true feelings to his teammate.

He might not be interested in two of them. And he is just expecting that new girl roommate is coming soon. And if possible, he wants to be in love with her and get married in the future.

I thought he spoke out on a subject.

Actually, he has a good spirit of self-reliance, so what he needs is a person who can support him, like older woman than him. 

The graduation of Peppe…

Finally, his drem came true. his work was published, which was serialized in a magazine, into a book.

Furthermore, there was another highlight in 25rd week! That was Peppe!

Peppe came to Japan to be a comic writer and finally his dream came true. On the release date of the comic, he went to the shop to put on his hands.

I almost cried when watched this scene and I want many people to watch it too.

He said his hands was shaving while turning pages.

I guess that this scene would be the best one since Terrace House has been broadcasted.

At that night, roommates gathered and asked him to write his autograph on the comic. Then he told them “I graduate from Terrace House.”

Ryo should be shocked because Peppe was the best person to more improve each other through the lives under the same roof.

However, comic writer is a very hard job as all know. I will be glad to see his great success in the future.

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