Review of 26rd week of Terrace House "Internationalization at Once"

New residens came to Terrace House

I know some Japanese people were bit confused by 26rd week of Terrace House.

Because new residents were so international. I think this is because Tokyo Olympic will be held in 2020. (It is totally my opinion.)

However, I am so happy that Terrace House will be internationalize at once! 

Peppe’s graduation

Finally, Peppe graduated from Terrace House to devote himself to work.

I miss him so much.
Many people believed he was the best resident ever in Terrace House.

I watched his last interview on Youtube. He was talking about the date with Haruka at DINING AND BAR 9 TOKYO.
He asked some advice to his friend in advance. His friend taught him 3 steps to be her boyfriend.

“Step one is making an excuse to sit down next to her. Step two is gazing her eyes without talking. Step three is just kissing.”

So, Peppe was thinking of practicing what he has learned from his friend. But he met Shohei who was a first resident of Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020 and already graduated before.  
Of course, Haruka is the also first resident and came to Terrace House at same time as him.

Shohei knew more about her because he spent more time with her than Peppe did.
Shohei told that Haruka might not like the way to approach.

“So you should tell her your feeling at first. Then you kiss her if you want to do,” Shohei said.

Eventually, Peppe was not accepted by her, but he is still her good friend.
I hope that they are going well from now on.

After that, three new resident came!

Three new residents, Vivi, Kai and Tupas.

Emika and Hana was talking at the living room, just two of them. They were concerning about new residents.

“Is there any possibilities that new residents do not come?,” Hana said.
Then they heard the chime of the doorbell.

At first, Vivi appeared. She surprised Emika and Hana by pretending to be able to speak only English. However, she introduced herself in Japanese too.

I thought that Vivi will be the center of attention at Terrace House from now on.
Contrary to her adorable face, she has guts.

Emika and Hana brought her to girls room and talked about guys.
They told her that they like the same person right now.
Of course, their crush is Ryo.

By the way, Vivi said that she used to play basketball when she was a junior high school student while searching Ryo’s face on the internet.

This is totally my expectation, I guess that Vivi could be interested in Ryo because she also said that she is usually drawn to charisma. Furthermore, he radiates charismatic energy.

Actually, during the conversation, Vivi realized that Hana has a bigger crush on him than Emika does.
And, Vivi gave her advice to express her feelings to him once.

They livened up about it, then another resident was coming.
That was kai. He tied his long hair and had a big suit case. He gave them souvenirs.

His voice had a subdued sweetness. I know some audiences listened to it with rapt attention.
He said his dream is to be a stand-up comedian.

“My favorite comic is Chris Rock.”

He plays stan-up comedy in English. I am so interested in seeing that.

After that, Tupas, one of new residents, was also coming.

He was quite gentle person. He is working as a personal assistant for a famous actor. Well, he must be taught to use honorific expressions with his seniors.

So my first impression to him is that he talked in polite language.

Is this Japanese culture?

By the way! I thought nowadays, the number of residents who brought souvenir has increased!
I really want to deal with this subject! Bringing souvenirs to new places is Japanese culture??

I have visited two places, New Zealand and Canada, to study English so far. Then before going to there, I got advice to prepare some souvenirs to the host family.

So, I thought that it is common things to foreign people as well.

Actually, bringing souvenirs to new places where especially you will be looked after at is Japanese common sense.  
I am wondering if there is any similar cultures in overseas too.

Anyway, I am really glad to see it. I know it is not sort of obligations. But it is really Japanese style.

What will happen next!?

Well, I have already written article about their own crush!

So please read it.

What I am interested the most is the relationship between Emika and Ryo. I am thinking of writing Another Terrace House and previously unreleased scene.

Well, there was something suspicious about their conversation lol

I will not be able to turn my eye’s away from the fact…!

Yama channel 26rd week of Terrace House

Beginning of Yama channel 26rd week, he got angury at Emika because she put a drink on a magazine carried Peppe's work and propped her iphone against the drink to take pictures. Actually, Yamasato is targeting her to beat. Do you want to know why?

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