Ryo Tawatari, girls are all over him but...

Ryo, keeping moving to his goal and looking for a great meeting 

Finally, I am going to talk about him. 

Ryo is very popular among woman. But he is usually dressed flashily so that some women who don’t like frivolous men might not be interested in him.  
However, he is really good man.

He is, 26-year-old Japanese man, a pro basketball player. He is a member of YOKOHAMA B-CORSAIRS and wears uniform umber 21.

In fact, his father coached him when he was a junior high student.
After graduating a high school in japan, he was wondering if going to college in Japan or oversea. After all, he decided to go to college in America and grew up. 

The reason why he came to Terrace House is that he wants to be inspired with others who make an effort as he does.
He doesn’t have a girlfriend for two years. By the way, he said that he used to date with a girl who is not Japanese. I guess it was an American woman…!

Recently, he has been approached by two girls, but he does not like them unfortunately.
According to what he said, he hopes to be able to fall in love next woman. 

What is his type? 

In addition, he talked about hus type during the first interview.
"I am usually in high spirits, so I would like to date with women who can keep up with my sprits," he said. 

Also, he tendly falls in love with women at first sight.
"My ideal is meeting a cute girl on the street. Our sholders knoke togertger and she drops her phone. then I pick up it for her. It is going to be a first step for dating." 

If he fells in love with somebody, he would want to do everything for her.
"I think that I could leran a lot the behaivor against women when I was in oversea. I can do my best."

There is a thing that I am concerning is about relationship with Emika.
As I mentioned, they were going to the restaurant for a dinner. And seemingly they got closed after that.

Presenters also talked about it as well.

Is it just because he stayed in oversea for a long time, so he naturally talks with her closely. Or eventually there is something that brought then closer together…

Anyway, three people graduated from Terrace House simultaneously in 25rd  week.
I am so excited who is coming next! And he can have a crush on somebody?

Review of 30rd week of Terrace House "Not Guilty"

I could not wait for writing a blog today because I do have a lot of things to talk on the blog! Well, there are many features in 30rd week! Tupas went to see a movie with Emika. He took the lead on the date. When they bought the ticket, he treated her.

Sushi Yamaken in 24rd week of Terrace House

Impressive pierced earring case happened here in 24rd week. He took her to Ginza to eat sushi for a dinner and treated. This is because she asked it in exchange for T-shirt of his official goods she bought. I guess there was no necessity to take off pierced earring there...

Genghis Khan Kirishima in 19rd week of Terrace House

This is the restaurant where Ryo and Emika came for a dinner after a date of the baseball game. Then she told him that she warries about her own future. "I am a stray sheep, Genghis khan," she said. It was a funny joke. Anyway...lol I will introduce you this store.

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