Seeing a professional wrestling match in Korakuen Hall

Hana Kimura, a resident of Terrace House, shows us the world of a pro wrestling

Seeing a professional wrestling match in Korakuen Hall

Hana Kimura is a pro wrestler and gave us opportunities to know about a pro wrestling through her own lives of Terrace House.

So today, I would like to teach you the way to enjoy a pro wrestling in Japan!

Did you remember the place named Korakuen Hall in 24rd week of Terrace House.
She came here to play a pro wrestling match.

Korakuen Hall is located in Bunkyo, Tokyo. It has hosted many boxing, lethwei, professional wrestling, kickboxing and mixed martial arts matches since 1962. 

So, here is known as the sacred place of martial arts in Japan.

If you like seeing martial arts in Japan, it is good for you to add here to the visiting list of Japan.

Please check the seat!

Actually, how to see the match changes depending on where you are going to have a seat.

Of course, the more you sit down ahead of the rings, the more expensive tickets are.

If you want to see the match clearly, you should pick the seat. However, you should be careful with a fight happened out of the ring. Usually, it happens without announcing and ends immediately. But sometimes it heats up and takes forever to finish.

Then please get away to not embroil yourself in the fight.

Also, there is also a thing I would like to you guys mention in advance.
Around the red area, the seats are folding chairs.

When the fight out of the ring happens, pro wrestlers could use that. If they come to your place to use it, please give them.

About Eating and drinking.

Foods and drinks are available at a stand of Korakuen Hall.

Alcohol is 450yen~800yen

Soft drink is 200yen~300yen

Where can you tickets?

Advance tickets

Sales Location: Korakuen Hall Office, 5F Korakuen Hall Building (Tokyo Dome City Map)

Sales Hours: 10:00~19:00

*Event contents and fee vary depending on the event being held, so please check by yourself beforehand.

On-the-day Tickets

Sales Location: Korakuen Hall Bldg.1F

Sales Hours: (Daytime Events) 10:00~

Sales Hours: (Nighttime Events) 16:00~

 Official website:

Hana Kimura, a resident of Terrace House Tokyo

Instagram: You can recognize her by her hair color. Hana, 24-year-old Japanese woman, is a pro wrestler. Actually, her mother is also a pro wrestler. At first, she told roommates that she wanted to be a dancer. However, She came to Terrace House to look for good guys and to make the wrestler better known.

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