Special topic, Tokyo illumination

Are you still looking for a good illumination spot in Tokyo?

Today's special !!! this is because today is the Christmas !!
I hope that residents will visit here thorugh Terrace House. 

Tokyo Station is illuminated in winter 

Champagne gold rights illuminated all around the street in Tokyo.

Christmas was coming this year as well. People who live in Tokyo each spend a time as they wished. Usually, Japanese people prefer hanging out with lovers to enjoy Christmas to sharing the moments with their family.

When I was in Canada, I talked about this story to my Canadian friend, he laughed. I know this is because they clearly perceived that the Christmas is the day for all family. In addition, they usually spend a time together to eat a dinner at home.

Well, some Japanese people do that too. However, many people cannot keep their mind from going out to see the brilliant illumination around Tokyo.

Today, I will recommend you see it. This is not only for the Christmas. You can keep enjoy until the end of the year or more.


Have you ever heard the name, YEBUISE GARDEN PLACE? Actually, I have never known that until I was a high school student.

What I come up to my mind when I am thinking about YEBISE at first is pretty luxury.

YEBISU GARDEN PLACE is the commercial complex including, office buildings, department stores, restaurants, apartment house buildings and museum. The headquarters of Sapporo Breweries Limited is located here as a business operator.
It was opened in 1994.

I visited here to enjoy illumination.

They host Winter Illumination 2019 between November, 2 and February, 24. You will be surprised at hundred thousand champagne gold light bulb.

I saw many young people. They dedicated themselves to taking pictures.

A 10-meter tall Christmas tree was shining on the center. This Christmas tree will be displayed until December, 25. And the Christmas Marche was hosted around there. So you can enjoy shopping and eating here.

I recommend you visit Sapporo Beer Station located here too. 

You can drink various beer and eat light snack in the open space. The first floor is the beer hall and the second floor is the space for a party. 

Business hour

Monday to Friday (11:30~23:00)
Saturday to Sunday and Holiday (11:30~22:00)
No closed day.

Budget for a person
3,000 yen
(No service charge)

The number of seats 20 seats of 500 seats of terrace seats

Available card
VISA/ MasterCard /American Express/UC/DC/NICOS etc.

Marunouchi in Tokyo station

Marunouchi is very sophisticated. I guess more often than not Japanese people long to work here because many leading companies are concentrated here.
In addition, I see a lot of foreigners wearing suite.

This is my favorite place. I absolutely recommend you visit here. Actually, I feel that here is a good out-of-the-way place for foreigners. Well, I don’t mean that here is a little-known tourist spot, but I don’t see many tourists enjoying this illumination here.

When I was a high school student, I came to see the illumination for the first time in my life. I was so moved because I have never seen that such a beautiful views before. In fact, I have visited here countless times when the Christmas season is coming.

220 trees decorated with light bulb along the streets around here are shining.

If you are walking along the street stretching for about 1.2 kilometers from Tokyo station, you will reach to Ginza and vice versa.

So the way that I usually do the most is going to Ginza to enjoy shopping at first and walking to Tokyo station while seeing this illumination.

It will be hosted until February,16. (17:30~23:00)
And this event is hosted annual, so you have a lot of chances to come here even if you didn’t time to visit this year.

Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi)

It is hosted annual; usually starts from the end of November and ends on December, 25.
The highlight of Tokyo Midtown illumination is Starlight Garden jammed with 190,000 blue lights as if you were in the space.
It is very fantastic and you could forget where you are right now.

Approximately 2,000 square meters of the grass covered by blue lights expresses the birth of stars and a space phenomenon.

I remembered I was riveted to the spot when I saw the scene for the first time.
I want to share this great moment with people all over the world.

Actually, you can see Tokyo tower from this place. So please enjoy a beautiful contrast between reds and blues as well.

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