Sushi Yamaken in 24rd week of Terrace House

You like sushi, don’t you? Sushi Yamaken in 24rd week of Terrace House

Impressive pierced earring case happened here in 24rd week.

He took her to Ginza to eat sushi for a dinner and treated. This is because she asked it in exchange for T-shirt of his official goods she bought.

I guess there was no necessity to take off pierced earring there…
However, after arriving home, she said “I forgot my pierced earrings.”

I love sushi 

Well, I usually do not have a lot of opportunities to eat expensive sushi because I can be satisfied with cheap one, like conveyor belt sushi. If you are interested in conveyor belt sushi,  I really recomend you try to go to Akindo Sushiro
Well, actually, there are 3 famous store in Japan in terms of conveyor belt sushi. Furthermore,  Akindo Sushiro is the top sales chain in the domestic market since founded over 30 years ago. I preffer Akindo Sushiro the most, but I feel that hardly anyone from oversea knows the store because I barely see them. 

They provide 80 varieties of delicious dishes mainly at 100yen (+tax) 
It is pretty cheap! And it could be helpful for you to count the dishes when you check out. There is anothr good point here. That is theirplentiful lineup. In fact, you can enjoy tempura, ramen, udon noodle and even deseerts as a side mune. It is no exaggeration to say that's why Akindo Sushiro is the best for me! These side mune is changed by the season. So I have never been bored with that.

However, this store usually is so crowded at weekend. So I recommend you visit before lunch time or weekdays. If you want to try to eat expensive one, please visit here, Sushi Yamaken. Japanese people always associate counter tables with expensive store. Why? Because it is true!

Sushi Yamaken

Only a minute walk from Higashiginza station to get there. Once you enter the store, your eyes catch gorgeous counter tables. Sushi Yamaken was founded in 2019. The chef who has polished his skills in long-established store and used to teach in Tokyo sushi academy provides a great sushi for you.
They provide only fresh fish carefully selected in their own route. Depending on seasons, they provide tuna of Aomori, Hokkaido, Wakayama and Nagasaki. Not only tuna but also they can have a confidence with sea urchin.

In terms of drinks, they recommend you choosing a wine.
They prepare a fruity white wine which goes well with sushi. Please have a glass for your occasion. In addition, there is an all-you-can-drink plane for 3hours.

Have a great seat

There is 50 seats in the store, including 20 seats at the counter, 20 seats at the table and 3 private rooms. When it comes to seats at the table, you can enjoy night view in Ginza. 
You can choose seats depending on your occasion. 

Shape the sushi with chef hands 

You can see that chefs shape the sushi with their hands at the counter. They try to be very careful in making sushi to make optimal use of the original taste of ingredients and prepares. 

Business Hour 

It opens from17:00~23:30 all day
L.O 21:30 (food)
L.O 23:00 (drink)
No closed day

The price range: 10,000~14,999 yen 
Availabe Card: VISA/ MASTER /JCB /AMEX /Diners

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