Violleta (Vivi), a new resident in 26rd week of Terrace House

Violleta (Vivi) too cute girl from Russia

Finally, the long-awaited new residents came to Terrace House! In 26rd week, three new residents were introduced. One of them, 24-year-old Russian woman became a topic among fans. she has beautiful blond hair, a great figure and a cute smile.

Her introduction

She was born in Germany and grew up in Russia. 
After graduating from high school, she came to Japan. At first, she stadied Japanese at language school for 9 months then she entered Japanese university. So she has stayed in Japan for 6 years.

She came to Japan to try to became a fashion designer. 
"At that time, I didn't knwo about Japan. I felt Japan is the most special in terms of a fashion, so that's why I chose Japan," she said.

She was chasing a dream that she will design clothes for Hallywood star.
However, she changed her mind, and started to aim to be a model or an actress.

"I realized that the person who I wnat to be in my future is a not fashion designer. I want to be a Hallywood star."

And she said she usually visits in U.S. about once a month to make connections in Hollywood. 
"I want to get a lot of roles before I become 30 years old," she said.

The reason why she came to Terrace House.

She has lived alone with her cat, so she started feeling loneliness.
"As you know, 6 residents including three women and mens live together at Terrace House. It is sounds so cool. I know it is kind of hard for the first to get used to live with somebody.

"Because I have lived alone for a long time and I haven't need pay attention to other lives. But I am so excited to live in Terrace House," she said.

She expects that she can meet some sandsome guys and fall in love.

What is her romantic object?

When she appeared on TV screen for the first time, she was talking with her friends over a cup of tea.
She told them that she will live in Terrace House. She has wished to live there for a year.

“I feel that boys are really lackey but girls are poor little bit,” her friend said.
“Why?” she asked.
“Because you are the cutest, please bring your boyfriend.”

During 26rd week, she mentioned her type.
She said she likes boys who are their own person.  
According to what she said, Emika and Hana said that she could like Ryo.
She is getting interested in him.

By the way, she had a crush before.
He was 20 years old older than her. At that time, she assumed that she already dated with him because they did something like a couple, but he had another girl who he was doing same thing as he did with her. After she knew that, she lost interests to him.

I am so interested in what comes up to her mind at first when she meets him…!

Review of 26rd week of Terrace House

I know some Japanese people were bit confused by 26rd week of Terrace House. Because new residents were so international. I think this is because Tokyo Olympic will be held in 2020. (It is totally my opinion.) However, I am so happy that Terrace House will be internationalize at once!

Kai Kobayashi, a new resident of Terrace House

Kai Kobayashi, 25-year-old, is half Japanese and half American. He is usually drawing pictures and playing stand-up comedy. During the first interview, he struggled with finding an answer for his hometown. According to what he said, he was born in Malaysia and moved to Thailand.

John Tupas ( a new resident of Terrace House)

In 26rd week of Terrace House, John Tupas started living in Terrace House with two new residents. He looks shy, but he already has a person who he is interested in. Yamasato said that he will couses something in the future. He was born in the Philippines and moved to Aichi in Japan when he was 8 years old.

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