What is Yama Channel?

Do you know Yama channel on Youtube?

If you don’t know, you should check it! First of all, Ryota Yamasato is one of presentaters.

He is an originally entertainer and got married recently in contrary to all appearance.

Actually, he is the only married person right now among presenters.

He is characterized by scathing comments to all residents of Terrace House.

Especially, he moves to Youtube channel with the subject that he could not talk enough on Netflix.

Sometimes, the residents who watched it cry…

However, usually his comments were very much to the point. It is one of reasons that audiences never leave Yama channel.

So there are double ways to enjoy Terrace House.

On Yama channel for 25rd week, he taught us how important Tokui’s existence was on Terrace House. Tokui always took care of residents who got acid comments from Yamasato.

I hope that Tokui comes back to Terrace House as soon as possible.

This time, Yamasato totally agreed with whole opinions that people were moved by Peppe.

He said if you guys have a bad day, please watch Peppe’s scene.  

“You will be happy.”

However, the severe comments to Ruka stood out on Youtube.

I usually enjoyed his channel, but I was not able to make a smile with his comments at this time. 

Anyway, three people graduated from Terrace House at that same time in 25th week.
I cannot wait to see new residents. And they can be his favorite person?

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