Yama channel 26rd week of Terrace House

Yamasato expects Tupas will occur something. 

Beginning of Yama channel 26rd week, he got angury at Emika because she put a drink on a magazine carried Peppe's work and propped her iphone against the drink to take pictures.

Actually, Yamasato is targeting her to beat. Do you want to know why?
Acorrding to what he said, he does not like Joke and Queen bee because he was their targets when he was a student.
So, Emika is almost Queen bee for Yamasato. Actually, I agreed with his opinion.
I dont' know how long he keep fighting with her...

Talking about Tupas...

Yamasato's favorite new resident is Tupas. In the preview of 26rd week, Tupas appeared with Lily Franky, a famous Japanese illastrator and actor. Then they were talking dirty stories.
"I might be able to peep into a girls bathroom," Tupas said with seriouls voice.

Yamasato said that it is a taboo to talk dirty stories seriously because  the atmpsphere will be dampened.
"He has to talk dirty stories casually, otherwise we take what he said seriously too. Actually, I felt he can even put a camera in the bathroom," Yamasato said.

He is excited to see some cases which will be occured by Tupas on day.
"He could burn the kitchen in 32rd week or he might have cars of Terrace House stolen in 38rd week," he said.

Also, his favorite word is 'this is because of the seniority system.'

Are you familir with the seniority system??
It is traditiona system in Japan. Like, he handed over the place of bed to Kai. then he said this is because of the seniority system.
I feel that Japanese this system is fading away these days, so we feel strange when we heard the word.

About Vivi

Yamasato said Vivi could be stron-willed.
"So I cannot wait to see the fight between Hana and Vivi for Ryo.

I think that Hana has a similar spilit as Vivi's. I guess that they will be a good friend and rival.

Why many girls usually like a boy with low voice?

Yamasato was wondering why many girls usually like a boy with a low voice?
"It is a question for me, but he has a good looking as well. not only the atomosphere srrounded him," Yamasato said.

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