Be satisfied with pork buns in Chinatown !

Come here to get soft pork buns!

Hey guys!! Tomorrow, next episode will be released on Netflix. And today, I am going to talk about Chinatown in Yokohama. Yesterday, I visited Chinatown. It is been a long time for me to get there. I guess that I have visited there few times so far. I usually enjoy eating while walking. At that time that I visited in Chinatown, there are in the middle of Spring Festival, a Chinese Lunar New Year. Its illumination and lanterns lights up the Chinatown.
I had a wonderful time there.

Good place to eat around 

First of all, I tell you a history of Chinatown. The port of Yokohama was opened too international trade in 1859, so that Western merchants started to come to Yokohama. At same time, many Chinese interpreters came here as well in order to facilitate their negotiation with Japanese. It was the beginning of what Chinese people have stayed here. 

I can say that Chinatown is a good place to eat around. I arrived there at lunch time, so I was looking for a pork bun at first. But, it was difficult because there are so many stores dealing with pork buns. Actually, I did not search the store in advance. (as usual) So, what I usually do to find a good store is to look for a long line lol After walking for few minutes, I found that!

Kouseiwa (公生和)

Since it was founded in 1962, it has been familiarly known even now as the original store of shark fin bun. I did not know but the store was introduced by many Japanese TV show. The shark fin bun man welcomes to you guys in front of the store. 

The feature of this pork bun is fluffy and soft dough and a juicy non-additive pork comes up from inside. I ordered the basic pork bun! Of course, they provide but also pork buns not only shark fin soups, soup dumplings, and so on. 

When I got the pork bun, I wrapped it around my hands. Please be careful lol it was so hot at first. However, you should eat it before it gets cold. I was so happy when I bitted that. I felt happiness with my mouth full. Eating warm pork buns is the best for cold winter. 

Business hours
Monday to Friday and Sunday (10:30~20:00)
Saturday (10:30~22:00)
No closed day


By the way, I found panda pork buns in Rouishin. This store is popular as a souvenir store. Eye-catching panda pork buns look at us, like wishing to be eaten. Anyway, it was so cute!!We have no choice to not to get it lol

I dropped by at the store once I saw these panda pork buns. They provide many panda general goods. This store also was introduced by Japanese TV show. You must be satisfied with pork buns as well as cute goods. 

Business hours 
Monday to Friday and Sunday (10:30~20:45) 
Saturday and before holiday (10:30~21:45)
No closed day

Why there are many stores of fortune-telling? 

Ma Zhu Miao
If you visit in Chinatown, you should drop at Guan-di Miao, a small shrine and Ma Zhu Miao, a temple of the Chinese sea goddess Mazu. These building are known as one of famous power spots in Japan. That’s why some people believe that there are many stores of fortune-telling.

In addition, city-lots in Chinatown were adjusted in accordance to Feng Shui. As a result, people had an impression, like Chinatown to which beneficial properties are attributed. 
Actually, if you have someone tell your fortune is Japan, you will have to pay around 2,000 yen for that. But here, you can do with only 500 yen. Of course, the price depends on the stores. So please check it in advance. 
I put a map of Guan-di Miao. If you are interested in that, please check it! 


I have just devoted myself to introducing some stores, I am going to talk generally about Chinatown from now on lol. When I walked on the street along the stands, I realized that there are so many stores providing strawberry candies. The price was around 500 yen. It looked so nice. After searching it on the internet, I knew that it was famous Chinese sweet in Winter.

I found the cat on the street in Chinatown. There was a signboard "Do not feed the cat."
It was so interesing.

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