Garden Farm in Ginza in 29rd week of Terrace House

Melted cheese waits for your bite in Ginza

How is it going so far?
Nowadays, I am so happy because so many people start visiting my blog. I did appreciate that.
Personally, I really like writing about Japan because I want people to get to know Japan well through this blog.
I hope that people take any interests in Japan more from here. This time, I am writing about Ginza Garden Farm which is restaurant visited by Hana and her friends.
Usually, I take a walk in Ginza at weekend. Well, actually, I used to work part-time job in UNIQULO in Ginza. So I can say that I am familiar with Ginza.
However, I have never visited Ginza Garden Farm. I am so interested in that and searched it!
I cannot wait to tell you guys about the store due to the fact that it is so amazing!

Garden Farm in Ginza 

In fact, Garden Farm has expanded to serve the entire country. Actually, business hours depend on the place. So please check it respectively.  
And they have a confidence with a cheese fondue. Well, it is popular among women in Japan. I love it too. Surprisingly, Japan cheese fondue association supervises the store.
They blend raclette cheese made in Hokkaido with four kinds of cheese in the divine proportion. In addition, they add soy milk to finish. Finally. You can enjoy a rich-tasting cheese fondue.  

In addition, they provide 10 kinds of cheese which is rich in variety. Not only is there the standard classic cheese source but also there are new fondue sources blended avocado, tomato and truffle. Please try the original source as well. 

Of course, they are particular about vegetables as well. They use Kamakura vegetables, which is pretty fresh, for dishes. Kamakura vegetables grown in Kamakura are barely on the market. You can try it this time.

What was the menu which Hana ordered ?

I was so interested in the menu which Hana and her friends ordered. It looked so nice. That was home-made burrata made of cow’s milk. I knew that it was an Italian fresh cheese. The price is 1,299yen. Please try to eat!

Foods on sale for Valentine

They have foods on sale for limited time. It could be a hearty dish, but must be nice. You should eat it for Valentine. That is MELTY VALENTINE CHICAGO PIZZA, which is known as budget-friendly foods in Chicago, America. It is also tremendous popular in Japan among SNS. Garden Farm have three colors, White, Black and Pink. Please enjoy melted cheese flowed out of the pizza. 

Business hours
It opens from 17:00~24:00
(FOOD.L.O. 23:00/DRINK.L.O.23:00)
*there are chain stores opening for a lunch, so please check it respectively
No closed day

official website:

How do I like Ginza?

If I go to Ginza, I will be able to feel internationalization at once. I have been feeling the number of foreigners has increased a lot. And many buildings were reconstructed while a few year. More often than not Japanese people have views that Ginza is expensive city. It is almost true, but I want people to know that there are also reasonable place, including shops and restaurants.

For example, UNIQULO where I used to part-time job. The UNIQLO was the largest store in the world. It has 12 flowers. I guess you can definitely find your favorite clothes! I served many foreigners and also I visited there with my Canadian friends.

In addition, there is a GU, which is fully owned by the company Fast Retailing, near UNIQULO. Do you know GU? I think some people might know that Fast Retailing is known as the owner of UNIQLO. GU is cheaper than UNIQLO and popular among young people.
You can get a tax free in GU as well as UNIQLO!

Next time, I would like to talk about Ginza more!!
Thank you so much for reading! And please check other stories!

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