Is there a possibility to cancel up-coming Tokyo Olympic because of coronavirus ?

 Hi there, today, I would like to deal with this topic because tweets concerned about the cancellation of Tokyo Olympic due to coronavirus are trending on Twitter. I was so surprised and started searching. 

What happened in the world?

In the early part of last month, there was novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan City in China. And it has spread all over the world, including France, America, Australia, Japan, Korean and so on. The death reached to 170 people and infected persons amount to 7,711 people. (now)

In China, people living in Wuhan City and neighboring cities are kept in quarantine right now by the government. Approximately 30 million people are influenced by the countermeasure.

"The evidence is highly suggestive that the outbreak is associated with exposures in one seafood market in Wuhan. The market was closed on 1 January 2020. At this stage, there is no infection among healthcare workers, and no clear evidence of human to human transmission. The Chinese authorities continue their work of intensive surveillance and follow up measures, as well as further epidemiological investigations."

Unfortunately, there is no specific medicine for coronavirus. If you catch coronavirus, you will have only way to recover by your own immunity.

What is novel coronavirus?

Nowadays, the general view is that the source of novel coronavirus is bats. In addition, the structural gene of the novel coronavirus matches with coronavirus of bats in 96%.

By the way, bats were the source of SARS virus, which has infected 8,098 and killed 744 all over the world. It took about nine months to end.

How is it going in Japan?

In Japan, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced that three Japanese people who came back to Japan from Wuhan City by the chartered plane infected with coronavirus on Jan, 29. Two of them do not show symptoms yet.

Tokyo Olympic are really cancelled ?

Well, this issue is absolutely big concerns for all Japanese. There is a reason why so many people worry about that. I already said worldwide infection, SARS virus took nine months to end.
We can suggest that the novel coronavirus also needs to take time as SARS did. However, Tokyo Olympic will start from July, 22. 

Detail of schedule 

The period when the Olympics are being held : July, 22 to August, 9.
The period when the Paralympics are being held: August 25 to September 6. 

The site: Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Fukushima, Miyagi and Ibaraki.

It could be tough to say the infection will end until the game starts. Moreover, the novel coronavirus has already started wreaking havoc with several sport events, including 2020 LPL and ACF. If Tokyo Olympic is cancelled, Japanese economy will be badly hit. In fact, the project exceeded its budget considerably and it led to almost a trillion and 600 million yen. 

Actually, there were three cases that the Olympic gane was cancelled. First of all, Games of the XI Olympiad in 1961. It was cancelled because of World War 1. In addition, 1940 Tokyo Olympia was cancelled due to the Japanese-Chinese War. Finally, Games of the XXX Olympiad 1944. This was cancelled because of World War 2.

Personally, I watch the game held in Tokyo this year, but I am also scary at spreading coronavirus more through Tokyo Olympic. I am feeling that many people are confused in Japan over novel coronavirus and concerned about the cancellation of Tokyo Olympic.  

The biggest reason why many people believed that Tokyo Olympic will be cancelled is that Japanese information site released the article with the title, “ Tokyo Olympic will be cancelled? IOC discusses novel coronavirus with WHO. They said there is big possibility to cancel Tokyo Olympic. As a result, some people who read the news misunderstood.

Anyway, I hope that Tokyo Olympic will be held as scheduled. This is because I would like to enjoy the game with residents of Terrace House too…!

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