Kanton no Omoide, Korean Restaurant in 28rd week of Terrace House

Do you want to enjoy Korean food in Japan? 

In 28rd week of Terrace House, Tupas invited Emika for a lunch.
They visited Kanton no Omoide. (I am sorry that I don’t know the way to write in English)
Omoide means memories in English. 

Why Japanese poeple love Korean food? 

By the way, nowadays Korean food is a fad in Japan!
Dak-galbi, spicy grilled chicken and vegetables, and Korean cheese hot dog are pretty famous in Japan. I have seen a lot of those pictures on Instagram. It looks so nice. I guess that it could be one of reasons why Korean foods are extremely popular among especially young poeple in Japan. 
Moreover, the taste chould be easy to be accepted by Japanese poeple. 
I feel that Japanese either love too spicy food or hate it. But Korean spicy is not too much. And people usually dip it into chese when they eat, so it makes spicy food mild taste. 
Wow. I realized that I am already ready to eat that...lol 

That is Korean Cheese hotdog. ↑
When you bite it, you the cheese will be showed from inside of hotdog. There are so many recipes of Korean Cheese hotdog on Youtube as well as on the internet. If you cannot find a nearly store, you might be ablt to cook it by yourself!!
I used to try to make it by myself with Takoyaki plate. I found easy to do that.

Do you know Shi Okubo? 

Did you know that Shin Okubo is Korean town? I knew that when I was a university student. I think that it was too laste to know that.
As a result, I missed a chance to get there to peep into Korean world in Japan.There are several theories about the reason why there are so many Korean store in Shin Okubo.
Shin Okubo is located in Shinjuku. First of all, the number of immigrants in Shinjuku area is the largest in Japan.
Approximately 40,000 immigrants are living in Shinjuku area. So  I can wholeheartedly agree with the reason.

If you want to try to eat Dak-galbi dipped into cheese, please go to Sijang-Dakalbi in Shin Okubo known as Korean town. 
Actually, there are many Korean restaurant in Shin Okubo. And Sijang-Dakalbi sparked the Dak-galbi dipped into cheese in Shin Okubo.
The interior decoration in the store is pretty unique. So you can enjoy with your five senses. 

Business hours: 11:30~24:00 
No closed day 

I really like spicy food. When I tried to eat Shin Ramyun for the first time in my life, I was so surprised. It was spicier than I thought. I had a runny nose and cried so much. However, it was so yummy. I think that I started being hooked on Korean food around that time.

Anyway, if you are interested in Korean food, please check it by yourself. 

Kanton no Omoide

Kanto no Omoide provides Korean food in a store with a strong retro in 1960’s.
Some people said it looks like a Disneyland.
Wow, When I heard it, I thought that should go there as soon as possible.
They have a variety menu, so you can definitely find your favorite here. Many Japanese love this store. Price is reasonable. I think that going here for a lunch is really good.

Of course, the main menu here is Samgyeopsal. However, when I searched about this store in the internet, the staff recommend Korean seafood pancake.
Personally, I really like Korean pancake. It is thinner than a common pancake and salty. I believe that it goes well with a beer.
Please don’t warry, they have a lot of drink menu, including a beer as well. So coming here for a dinner could be nice too.
They have a Japanese sake! I know some foreigners love it lol Do not forget to drink it.
In addition, you can have a fun with all-you-can-drink here around 3000 yen.

A slab of Samgyeopsal

Samgyeopsal is Korean Barbeque. It is sliced pork belly cooked in Korean dishes.
You can enjoy a hearty slab of Samgeyopsal. They provide a juicy and tender Samgyeopsal in a frying pan until it turned nice and brown.
The original taete is one of features in the store! The price is 1,380 yen.

Fresh vegetables

They also prepare carefully selected vegetables which is super fresh. Actually, vegetables go well with Samgyeopsal.  
I have tried to wrape Samgyeopsal with lettuce. It was awesome and amazing. In fact, when I keep eating only Samgyeopsal, I will feel that it is too oily. However, wrapping it with lettuce gets me forget that. And I am able to eat forever...
Well, please enjoy a balanced diet!

Business hours
It opens 11:00~23:00
(lunch time 11:00~16:00)

No closed day
Available Card: VISA/ JCB/ AMEX/ Diners/ MASTER
Seats: 70 seats

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