Review of 28rd week of Terrace House “Starving for Affection”

Tupas trys to know what is love 

At first…
Happy New Year!
I am sorry to be late to update the blog. Personally, I resigned from my job and I was so busy to move back my hometown. However, I try to make time to write.
Actually, these days, the number of readers has increased a lot. Thank you for reading my Terrace House Blog. I am thinking of telling guys how wonderful Japan is through Terrace House.
So I will be so happy if you guys know about Japan well here.

Well, I am going to talk about 28rd week “Starving for Affection”

First of all, at the end of 27rd week, Hana started crying because she was so depressed to listen the conversation between Vivi and Ryo.

Love is very complexed. I feel so too.

Nowadays, the love song sang by Japanese band is popular among young generation. I listen to it many times. I think I cannot remember how many times I did lol.

This song is about a man who has a crush but his hope will never come true. I feel that the older we have grown, the harder we have expressed our feelings to their own crush…
I don’t want her cry a lot.. 

Vivi draw attention from Ryo  

Obviously, she falls in love with him. And Vivi was so cute when she was talking with him.
Vivi said his top photo for LINE feed is same as my initial necklace.
Then asked the mean of R.

“Are you wearing my initial?,” Ryo asked Vivi.

And she laughed a lot.
Actually, this R is the initial of her last name.

“Also the guy who I used to like has the same initial.”

Honestly, they look like a well-assorted pair. They have a lot of common.
Hana expressed her feelings against Ryo to Kai behind the scenes.
She said my rival is myself. Furthermore, she said she tries to tell her feelings to Ryo one day.
She has already realized that Ryo is not interested in her. But she decided to change herself.

I have a similar experience when I was a student.
It is so hard to tell a crush who is interested in another girl. So I admired her decision.
I guess she will be able to meet a good man in the future!

Tupas, the first date with Emika

Tupas invited Emika for lunch. He told what he was thinking about her.

He was wondering what this feeling is to her, like he just longs for dating with girl such a Queen bee or he just likes her as a girl.
Finally, Tupas told her “I am interested in you.” Also Emika said she can think of him as a partner.

In my opinion, Usually woman likes man who gives topic to chat. Tupas can do it despite his appearance. I think that they just started getting to know each other well.

Starving for affection

According to the title, we can know that Tupas is main character at this time.
Tupas suddenly cried while talking with Kai. He confessed he hasn’t known affection.

“I have never been loved by somebody.”

He does not have a father.

Lily gave me a job and hospitable to me so much. So it sometimes let me think if I had had a father, I would have had a time like that with him.”

When he felt sentimental drinking, Hana and Vivi came to the dining room.
Tupas said He cannot love somebody because he does not know how to do.
Vivi objected to his views. She said love is generated by yourself.

“If you want to know how to love somebody, you have to love somebody at first. Also, you usually clean our dishes in the morning. It is almost love to us, right? You have already known what love is. You did. So please don’t say that such a sad.”

I think that Tupas can be stronger through the lives of Terrace House. Please meet many wonderful people here and try to fimd anserw inside of you step by step.

And, I am thinking of writing other stories from now on. It could be late to update... but please check that!

Kanton no Omoide, Korean Restaurant in 28rd week of Terrace House

In 28rd week of Terrace House, Tupas invited Emika for a lunch. They visited Kanton no Omoide. (I am sorry that I don't know the way to write in English) Omoide means memories in English. By the way, nowadays Korean food is a fad in Japan!

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