Review of 29rd week of Terrace House “About Love”

What is Ryo's real feeling?  

Hey guys! How is it going so far?
I am ready to review 29rd week of Terrace House “About Love”
First of all, my first impression of 29rd, their own love mingled. I can call it love triangle. 
After Ruka graduated from Terrace House, the atmosphere is more mature in house. love is getting complexed.

Hana got a wish 

At the beginning of 29rd week, Hana went to eat a dinner with her friends. And Talk about Vivi. Hana explained how cute Vivi is while showing her picture to friends.
Hana told that Vivi could have everything that she doesn’t have.

“I have no confidence to win,” Hana said.

In addition, she lost courage because she is a pro wrestler. She asked friend how to answer to the question, “What is your job on the party?”
Well, I am not sure all guys from all over the world do not like a strong woman.
I guess, the answer is No. However, some people have a bias against jobs. It is so sad. I do not want her to hesitate to say her job.

What is a Gokon????

Oops! I forgot to explain about “the party.” I think that it is bit different from things that you guys imagine.
The party I meant is written Gokon in Japanese. It is a type of group date organized by friends or colleague.
Please let me explain about it more because I am getting excited lol
At first, I have never joined that unfortunately in my life. Usually, people join Gokon to make a girlfriend or boyfriend.
So some people start organizing it when they are high school students or university students.  
Especially, there are many girls’ high school as well as women’s college. They usually do not have a chance to talk with guys. So they tend to organize it.
Honestly, I have barely heard that high school students do it in real life. Maybe it is totally depending on their own surroundings. 

I just back to the current subject!
Hana’s friend told that they also do not want to tell their own job. I felt so sadddddd,
Anyway! Her friends gave her really smart chips to check a crush feeling.

“Do you usually eat a meal with roommates, including him? If you do, please sit next to him.

Then, try to put your glass near his glass on the table. If he put it near your glass again after picking up it to drink, he could be interested in you.”
I am so surprised at the way to check a crush feeling. It sounds so cool and I also want to do that next time lol
Hana decided to try do it next time.

“If he puts his glass on near my glass, I will confess,” she said.


Hana tried to draw attention from him with her friend’s advice, but…
On the dining room, Hana sat down next to Ryo and prepared glasses for him as well.
My heart fluttered at this scene. I could not stand.. Hana tried to invite him a dinner tomorrow fearfully.

“Do you have a plan at night tomorrow? If you do not have…,” Hana asked.

“Well, I guess I do not…Oops, I forgot to go to see the Shiki Theatre Company,” Ryo answered.

According to what he said, he will start seeing it from 13:00 and it will finish at 15:00.
He told that this is why he cannot go out for a dinner with Hana.
I just thought that he may be able to make a time after 15:00…
But he was seemed not to want to hang out with her even if he has to make an excuse.
Hana looked so depressed.
Of course, Vivi was there at that time. She stared at him when he was talking about tomorrow with Hana.

I know that she does not want him to go out with her. In fact, the atmosphere was so gloomy, I felt.
Finally, Hana push her glass towards to his glass tiredly. The distance between her glass and his glass looked their own real distance of each feelings.

Ryo told his real feeling 

Ryo and Vivi was on the couch. Vivi said she felt cold in house. So he gave her his hoodie.
Vivi said this hoodie smelled of a good fragrant.

“This fragrant make me want to get close to you.”

And he was embarrassed.
They enjoyed talking in a very friendly atmosphere. AND Hana was peeping them through the window on the third floor. She could not help but peep. She was trying not to  make eye contact. But, eventually, Ryo realized that Hana peeped .

After that, Hana came to the first floor to join the conversation of she and he.

“When did you notice that I was peeping until?,” Hana asked.

“I have known that from the beginning because it could be strange if I can see a pink from there,” Ryo answered.

Hana invited him for a dinner again there.

“You finish your plan at 15:00 p.m. right?,” Hana said.

Ryo started checking his plan again. However, Ryo was absorbed in listening the conversation between Vivi and Emika and did not listen to Hana at all. 

After all, he told Hana that He will send a message to her when he makes sure of his plan tomorrow.
I guess, Hana was hurt by his attitude. She moved to the play room and talked about it with Kai.
Kai comforted her.

“I am feeling so bad these days because my crush does not take any interest in me at all,” Hana said.

However, Kai told her that he gets motivated instead.

“If I have a crush who is not interested in me, I will develop until my crush starts taking an interest in me.”

Hana said that she wants to think like him.
Hana tried to think positively while Ryo started talking hie real feelings against Hana to Vivi on the living room…

Ryo asked Vivi how to turn down the invitation from a person who he is not interested.
I immediately knew who he was talking about.
He told Vivi that he dose not take any interest in her around a bush then.
Furthermore, Vivi said that she wants him to go out with her.

“I tried to make a time to hang out with you because you are usually so busy. Actually, I set aside Monday for you because you said you are only off work on Mondays,” Vivi said.

I guess that Ryo tried to meet her expectation and invited her to go to the play room.
You know what? They bumped against each other in the play room.
Hana looked so surprised when Ryo and Vivi came to the play room. Kai told they that he and Hana was talking about love.

About Love

Then Ryo said he always thinks about basketball. He dose not have any space to think other things.
It could be tough words for Hana as well as Vivi.

 “It just gave me inspiration. Thank you for bringing that up,” Vivi said.

However, I felt that Vivi was also depressed because he thinks basketball first. And it will never take the place of anything.

Next day… Hana was waiting for a message from Ryo in the dining room. Emika and Vivi was cleaning the kitchen at that time. She got a phone from him.
He told that he can not go out with her for a dinner. Hana said okay to him.
However, after hanging up the phone, she started crying. Vivi saw her crying and gave a hug.

“I am feeling same as yours,” Vivi said.

I wrote love is very difficult last time.
I just want him to make everything clear. My hazy feeling remains haha. I think Vivi also get struggled.
I hope that he has an answer for his own love on next episode!!!!

The 29rd week of Another Terrace House, "I want to give up him"

Hey guys! Are you enjoying Terrace House? I have already watched 29rd week, and I feel terrible. One-side love is too harder than I thought. In 29rd week, Hana tried to invited Ryo for dinner again and again. However, it led him decide to turn down her invitation.

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