Review of 30rd week of Terrace House “Not Guilty”

Ryo almost reached his conclusion

I could not wait for writing a blog today because I do have a lot of things to talk on the blog!
Well, there are many features in 30rd week!

The date of Emika and Tupas

Tupas went to see a movie with Emika. He took the lead on the date.
When they bought the ticket, he treated her. In addition, they went to the restaurant for a dinner after the movie. Then Tupas told her that he has developed some kind of feelings for her.

“Once that I can definitely say are different from what I feel towards Vivi and Hana,” said Tupas.

Emika told that she was not expecting to receive romantic interest from anyone.

“So I often feel self-conscious around you. Holding eye contact with you is difficult. I have been told I talk like I am a hostess at a gentlemen’s club, but I am not,” she said.

Well, when I have seen her Instagram, I thought she is seemed to enjoy her life well. And I guessed that some people might have views like that. However, no one can know what the real is. So I believe what Tupas is feeling could be everything of her.
Also, I felt also difference in her attitude when Emika said “ I am happy so much,” to Tupas. (That is because Tupas gave her presents which is same as he bought to himself too.)  It was like, she deeply appreciated the happiness.
After going back to the home, she told Vivi and Hana that she can see him as a partner, So I am so looking forward to see how the story will develop between Emika and Tupas. 

Stands-up comedy by Kai

Well, that is one of topics that I really talked about on the blog because he was talking about Japan haha.
To be completely honest with you guys, I feel not good on the topic of Japanese worker’s suicide. Vivi said everything what I want to say. Well, I do not want to talk subjects such a darkness. However it is totally part of Japan. The number of fatal accident on the tracks is about 600 cases par a year in Japan. In other words, more than a person daily commits suicide on the tracks. I can say it is big social problem in Japan.
I guess that most reasons are on their work places holding causes of stress. And it is not easy to remove everything from all.
So I wanted Kai to take care of his words afterward…
Anyway…! It was totally first time to listen to stands-up comedy. I was so excited!!! Moreover, Kai invited Hana to go out. I hope that Hana gets interested in him. Please bring happiness to Hana…! 

Love triangle is sparking

At the night, Ryo went to back home from the game, he said that he was going to watch movie. Vivi tried to get close and watch the movie with him on the couch.
Hana was there at that time. She looked so awkward to be on the same place with Vivi and Ryo. Once Vivi and Ryo started watching the movie, she went to the girl’s room.
After that, Ryo almost slept snuggled against Vivi while watching the movie. I felt that he started opening his mind to Vivi.
However, Vivi said that she is doing nothing just waiting even if she has a crush. So the story will never develop from now on unless Ryo does something.
I want him respond as soon as possible if he is also interested in her!

Hana talked Emika about Ryo

Hana said she has really been trying to ask him out lately.

“But it didn’t work out when we made plans. I know he was injured recently and probably needs to focus on basketball. I tried to believe he was avoiding be because of that,” she said.

However, Hana saw those two, everything became clear to her.

“Ryo is not that busy with basketball. He is just not into me and he is into Vivi.”

Emika said she wants to ask about that to Ryo directly. 

Emika finally asked Ryo!

Emika invited him to go to the play room and asked him about Vivi and Hana.
Ryo said that he has already noticed that everything.

“I know I have to be honest with her sooner or later,” he said.

It is awkward for him to say his feelings to Hana because she has never said that she likes him yet. However, leaving her in limbo seems wrong.

He was still wondering if he should react something to Hana before she tells her feelings to Ryo.

And Ryo thinks that Vivi is beautiful woman and he founds comfortable with her. But he concerned about her future plans.

She mentioned that she wants to go to America in the future. He does want to have a long-distance relationship with her. And it will be not correct if she gave up the dream because of Ryo, he said.

Actually, Vivi explained herself like I am a person who can just focus on only crush. If Ryo decides to date with her and ask her to stay in Japan, She could obey that.

Anyway, I am so sad to know that Ryo does not like both. Moreover, I checked another Terrace House. It let me think that I should write soon lol

By the way, I am thinking of writing about a story of Taiyaki hahaha. Please read it as well. See you on Next story !

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