Review of 31rd week of Terrace House “Publicity stunt”

Why Ryo could not make everything clear? 

Please let me say, ohhhhh my goodness!! I lost my words on 31rd week of Terrace House. I can not stop being bit harsh against Ryo. First of all, I am going to check what presenters talked about him. Before starting 31rd week, today’s special gest said there is something that has caught his attention.

“Remember when Ryo came home with that Dojima roll cake? When I watched that scene, I could’ve sworn I saw a hickie on his neck,” He said. And Yamasato also said he has a woman out of Terrace House. I felt so strange right now. Anyway, I am going to catch up 31rd week from now on.

Girl’s meeting, the subject is Ryo ! 

Hana asked Emika what she was talking with Ryo after she came in the girl’s room. Emika said she talked about a lot of things. Then, Hana could not stop being interested in what the thing was.

“I would feel bad letting him tell you. so there is that. But I am glad I was able to hear the truth,” Emika said.
Vivi said she has already expressed many of her thoughts to him.

“So from my point of view, any idiot would notice my interest in them.” 

Hana said she feels like she has done the same as Vivi has done.

“The fact that he hasn’t said anything, it makes me think that that’s his answer.”

After hearing their opinions, Emika opened her mouth.

“You don’t know that. Maybe he hasn’t decided yet. Even if he has answer, he has no impetus to say anything. Neither of you have directly told him how you feel. I am sure he has an idea, but he needs to hear it,” Emika said.

Well, I think that I could not find an ideal answer of this. This is because it must be tough to react to a person who takes any interest in myself but has never expressed their feelings obviously to me. I know the reason why this love-triangle is so complicated is because they are living in the same house.
On the other hands, that’s why he should make it clear because he is living with them. And Hana reached the answer which Emika was looking for from them.

“I need to confess my feeling to get rejected ?,” Hana said.

Then Vivi told Hana that she dose want to initiate that conversation.

Kai got lost on his own way

According to what they said, nowadays Kai has tried to be alone in house. When Kai was swayed by a hammock while typing key bords, Vivi showed up herself with a roasted yam.
Vivi started asking him about standup comedy. Kai told her that the tricky thing about it.
“I have a lot of bits that I find really funny, but people do not get it,” Kai said.
Vivi said she thinks it would be easier for him to expand on something more related to your own experiences.

“With your bit from the other day about Japanese salarymen, since that wasn’t a story from your own experience, it didn’t seem like there was more detail that you could dig into. I think the audience could sense that, too.”

Then she gave him a question again, “Do you have any thoughts that currently keep you up at night?”

His answer to it was that he contemplate a lot is, “why an I alive?”

Vivi knitted her eyebrows with dissatisfaction.

“That’s what you genuinely wonder about?,” she asked him.

She said the concepts that you bring up are all over the place. There is no direction and it is hard to follow.

She was thinking and cheesing the word.

“What was your motivation in coming to Terrace House in the first place?”

He said that he wanted to connect more with people and then gain their perspectives. In addition, he wanted to meet a person that he could call life-long friends. According to his answer, it made her have another question.

“Then why do you isolate yourself upstairs? Aren’t you missing the point of Terrace House?  If you want to be on your own, what is the point of living here?,” she said.

Eventually, she finished the conversation with the advice that he should spend more time with people to understand what makes them laugh. Furthermore, he should come out of his shell.
In my opinion, Vivi had a perfect answer for him. I hope that he accepted that and tried to step up.

I am not interested in both, Ryo said

In the dining room, Hana got a chance to talk with Ryo alone.After she had a general conversation with him, she finally asked him what he was talking about with Emika. Ryo was totally upset but he put a smile on his face and then started confessing little by little.

“I told Emika that I do not have any special feelings towards you at the moment.

“But from my vantage point, I have not heard how either of you feel about me. I didn’t think it was my place to assume. So I wasn’t planning on bringing these things up with you,” he said.

Once Hana heard that, she asked about Vivi too.

“You don’t have any special feelings, you mean not towards Vivi or Emika either?”, Hana said.

Ryo told her that he sees all of them as a friend. Conclusively, Hana understood. 

Vivi tried to draw the answer from Ryo

At same night, Vivi came back to the dining room from the bath. And finally………! Vivi asked Ryo what he was thinking about herself. 
Vivi invited him to watch the movie on the sofa. However, Vivi suddenly told him she has a thing she wanted to talk. I guess that she has been uneasy over Ryo. She used to mention she did not take any action from her. But she took a step forwards at night.
She said it is pretty obvious that she is into him and wanted to know what he was thinking about herself.

Ryo said “you are just curious about me, right?”

Then Vivi was so surprised and stop him from answering her question with a question.

“That’s unfair. I don’t get where you are going.”

Ryo seemed to dodge a question. His focused on the level of her feelings against him. But Vivi talked back him.

“I have made my intentions very clear. I have never outright told you how I feel but I have definitely told you that I interest you.”

She wants to keep things simple. But the conversation between them could not reach the conclusion soon.

“If you only want me as a friend, then tell me. if you want to get closer, then show me,” she said.

Ryo asked her if he tells his answer right now. She nodded.

He said that he thinks you are beautiful and he has a great time chatting with her. He feels like we share similar values as well.

“But you have said you want to move to America to pursue acting in Hollywood. So I don’t think it would be realistic for us to date.

“It is not that I am not interested in you or don’t have feeling for you. I want you to actualize your dreams,” Ryo said.

Then Vivi laughed because she didn’t get why he said “but” at each moment. She really wanted to make clear the fact that he is not interested in her, so he uses “but” or he actually likes her “but” he worries about the distance.

However, Ryo just said that’s unfair even if she told him possibilities to prefer being with him to going to America for her dreams.

I am sorry, I did not understand why that’s unfair. I am so sorry but I was so annoyed at that moment because I was so confused. He ended up the conversation and promised her to give her answer next time. 

Vivi was confused

After that, Vivi came to the girl’s room and talked with Hana and Emika.
Vivi told them he made everything complexed but he might be interested in herself. However, Hana told Vivi that Ryo said he has no interests in both, Me and Vivi. And Vivi was depressed.

“I hate people who try to preserve their reputation with everyone. I wish he would just be honest and show his true feelings. I am so angry right now,” Vivi said.

They suspected that Ryo came to Terrace House for just publicity. I hope he doesn’t but want him to make it clear and simple and obvious.  

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