The 29rd week of Another Terrace House, “I want to give up him”

Vivi said "I am tired."

Hey guys! Are you enjoying Terrace House?

I have already watched 29rd week, and I feel terrible. One-side love is too harder than I thought.
In 29rd week, Hana tried to invited Ryo for dinner again and again. However, it led him decide to turn down her invitation.
I know that Hana was so poor, but love is always out of our control. It almost Act of God.
In addition, I believed that Ryo starts focusing on Vivi. However, he was seemed to not to do that. I don’t know whyyyyyy! 
Anyway, Vivi lost confidence at all because he said he is always thinking about basketball first.

I want to give up

Tupas was drinking in the dining and Vivi was washing dishes.
Ryo left the place to put ice on his legs. Then Vivi asked Tupas in a small voice.

“Did he talk about anything yesterday?,” Vivi said.

“No, he didn’t. Why did you ask?,” Tupas said.

Vivi laughed because he has already known the answer to the question. Vivi said “I decided to give up him” after a short pause.
I was just surprised at that time because she has enjoyed spending a time with him without any sign of that. But she lost her confidence at all.

“I was just so tired. I am in love with him, but it is unrequited. And he is a person who has devoted himself to play basketball. I think that it is really good and I should be a same person like him.”

She told Tupas that she should concentrate on her dreams.

“I am always in a way to focus on only my crush. Even if I have a dream, I would like to dedicate myself to my crush. Also I want my crush do same things for me. Of course, I do not really hope the crush give up his dream. But I want his feelings, like that.”

I absolutely agreed with her opinions. I realized that I am totally same person as her. I guess that more often than not women could be same. We want their warm heart to us.  
Then Tupas said you should not give up.

“I think you should not give up because you do not do anything to him yet.”

“Well, I did. I tried a lot,” she answered.

“But, you do not know what he thinks about you, don’t you?,” Tupas said.

Vivi was puzzled. Tupas told that he wants all roommates go well with somebody because he likes them so much while crying. Vivi thanked him for his words.

“I also hope that you are going well with Emika,” she said.

“I am really not sure about that,” Tupas said.

At the end of Another Terrace House, Vivi shed tears. I want to see girl's smiles again in next episode.
Moreover, I think it is about time Ryo reached a conclusion about his own love in Terrace House. I am looking forward to seeing next!

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