The 30rd week of Another Terrace House “Apology Of Lady-Killer”

Ryo made an excuse for teasing, but...

Did you already watch the 30rd week of Terrace House?
I was so depressed in many ways. However, I felt that Ryo almost reached his conclusion in the love-triangle. Anyway I am going to talk about Another Terrace House!

First of all, Hana talked the story that Ryo made Emika cry last night. According to what Hana said, Ryo teased her pictures on her Instagram because he is feeling the difference in her face between the pictures on Instagram and real. Emika was hearted by his words and cried.

“I think that Emika dose not meet him yet after that,” Hana said.

Then, Ryo was coming. Tupas opened his mouth and asked about the story to Ryo. 

"I heard the story last night,” Tupas said.
“Did you?,” Ryo said.

Ryo told them that he does not talk with Emika yet, but he tried to send a message to her.
Emika responded and said “it is not big deal, so you do not need to say sorry for that.”

Emika was also coming back to the house while they were talking. Ryo looked bit awkward but asked Emika to go to the play room to talk about the story last night. In the play room, Ryo said sorry to her about his bad attitude last night. Emika apologized back immediately too.

“I was just wondering why you use apps to retouch photos. You are already cute, so you do not need to do that,” Ryo said.

“No, it is completely lie,” Emika laughed.

“No, no, no, I did not tell a lie,” Ryo talked back at once.

Emika told him that she was suffering from her real face these days.

“It likes, why I cannot change my face to the face on this phot,” she said.

Personally, I also think that she is already cute, and there is no choice to use apps in order to do that. 
However, of course not in only Japan, more often than not woman use apps to retouch photos. As a result, they have similar problems.

“I told you that I am serious, so please stop teasing, but you didn’t. At that time, I could not stop crying, so I just put the cushion on my face,” Emika said.

Well, that’s why she talked about her face on Instagram when she was dating with Tupas. Actually, I felt discomfort in her words then. But now everything makes a sense. I know it is big problem for all girls and complicated.
He did regret teasing last night.

“I was asking my self the reason why I am here in Terrace House last night. I told that I did not come here to tease a girl,” He said.

Well, after the words, there was the point letting me concern…
Ryo said he did not sleep because she cried, but he told other roommates that he slept well in the dining room before Emika came back. I hope that he did damage his reputation…
Anyway, they were friends again.

Today’s Japanese proverb

“A hedge between keeps friendship green” It means politeness is not just for strangers. In Japanese, 親しき仲にも礼儀あり(shitashiki nakanimo reigiari)

See you next !

The 30rd week of Another Terrace House part2 " Love is more difficult than squat"

I guess that Hana was hearted so much right now. She went to eat dinner with her friend to talk about Ryo again after Ryo turned down her invitation. She completely lost a confidence in love. She started talking about the story today.

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