The 30rd week of Another Terrace House part2 “ Love is more difficult than squat”

It is about a time to leave the house?

I guess that Hana was hearted so much right now. She went to eat dinner with her friend to talk about Ryo again after Ryo turned down her invitation. She completely lost a confidence in love.
She started talking about the story today.

“I have tried to invite him for dinner, but he just said he will go if he does not have any plans. I realized that he might not be interested in me gradually around the time. And I was turned down by him today,” Hana said.
If she had had a dinner with him tonight, she would’ve decided to tell her feelings to him.

“I know that he could refuse me, but I might feel good if I can just tell her feeling to him,” she said.

“He did not give you the chance…,” her friend said in sadness.

Hana was so hearted by his answer.

“I do not want to be in love with somebody anymore,” Hana let out her true feelings in spite of herself.

“Well, if you think so, you should go out of Terrace House,” her friend said.

Then, Hana gave a wry smile and said she wants to be a good friend of other residents. In addition, she was talking about Kai.

“Kai is really kind. He told me that your crush lost a chance at the same time to refuse you,” Hana said.

To be completely honest with you, I want Hana get close to Kai instead of Ryo haha. I guess that it could be better for her. By the way, her friend gave her advices.

“It is not big deal for you because Ryo had a plan, so it make a sense even if you were turned down. You should not give up. You do not even lie up at the starting line yet,” her friend said.

And Hana laughed a lot and told that she peeped into how they go through a small window in girl’s room.

“Ohh no, are you seriously? You should not do that again,” her friend was so surprised.

Hana said she can get back a confidence and try to wait for him.

“Waiting for your crush is also really important in love. You should not do anything without thinking. You have to think it again and again before you do,” Her friend said.

Hana said love is more difficult than squat.

“Okay, we are going to squat enough for your sadness,” her friend wore a smile on her face.

By the way, I thought that the good friends are really important. Whatever happened to me in real life, they gave an energy to restart. Hana has many good friends and it means that she is also good person. I hope that someone will realize how she is woderful. Good luck!

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The 30rd week of Another Terrace House "Apology Of Lady-Killer"

Did you already watch the 30rd week of Terrace House? I was so depressed in many ways. However, I felt that Ryo almost reached his conclusion in the love-triangle. Anyway I am going to talk about Another Terrace House! First of all, Hana talked the story that Ryo made Emika cry last night.

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