The 31rd week of Another Terrace House “It’s So rough being a popular guy”

Hey What’s up? Please be careful about novel coronavirus spreading over the world! And today I am going to review the 31rd week of Another Terrace House. Nowadays, some people are wondering if Ryo will graduate from the house soon. Well, I am feeling same things because Ryo invited all roommates to go out. However, if it is true, I am so sad.

This time, the story started from the scene that Hana asked him what he is thinking about her.
Hana looked sad, but she was seemed to try to change her mind.

“I know that you think only basketball right now,” she said.

“Hmm, I always have to think about it,” he said.

Then Hana laughed and said love is difficult and told him that she has thought the he liked Vivi.

“Because you often enjoyed talking with Vivi in English at night,” Hana said.

“I see. Actually, I don’t want to do or say things that suggest another meaning. But I might do that unconsciously,” Ryo said.

“It is so rough being a popular guy,” Hana said while putting a smile on her face.

Ryo found a difficult to have a long-distance relationship with Vivi. After his confess, Hana had a question.

“If Vivi didn’t go to America, What would you do?.”

Ryo said it totally dose not make a sense.

“Because she wants to go to America with her dream, right? I will feel sorry if she gives up her dream because of me.”

However, Hana had a different opinion about that.

“For me, you are seemed to avoid Vivi. You are seemed to mind your own business even if you have a crush because you don’t want to be heart,” Hana said.

In addition, Hana also asked what Ryo would have done if he had known that she dose not go to America.

“In that case, my answer could be different from now,” He said.

Well, he told Hana that he had a possibility to be in love with Vivi. However, if he really likes Vivi right now, he could change his mind even from now on.... I know the timing is very important in terms of love. But I feel that it is not too late for Vivi and Ryo. Furthermore, Hana said it is not easy for her to focus on other things as long as living with her crush at same house. Of course, Ryo has already known who she was talking about. It is so awkward for me, haha. Anyway, I can't wait for next episode. 

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