The cutest small Taiyaki in Japan

Do you like Taiyaki? 

Taiyaki, a fish-shaped pancake filled with red been jam. 

I think that it is easy for you to come across the stands of Taiyaki on the street. I usually buy it on the street too. In other words, I barely search the store I advance.

It is almost fishing on the street lol

Today, the reason why I wrote a story of Taiyaki is that I found a small one. It looked so adorable. I found it on the shopping mall. Unfortunately, they are traveling to sell the Taiyaki around Japan. So they do not have the main store.

However, I saw the small Taiyaki in other prefecture. So you can come across one day!

I can say Taiyaki is really traditional Japanese sweet. Originally Taiyaki was derived from Obanyaki which are Japanese pancakes filled with red been paste and sweet custard cream.

The shape is totally different but the taste is really similar. Nowadays, the cream filled inside is rich in variety. So if you do not like a red been paste, you should try others. 

By the way, you can find Taiyaki easily at convenience stores as well. In the past, the white Taiyaki was so popular in Japan. At that time, I could buy it in any convenience stores. It made of tapioca flour. That's why it was white and soft. I really liked it but I barely see it these days. 

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