Last Interview of Ryo Tawatari

Complecated kiss ever in his life

Finally, he graduated from Terrace House. Well, there were a lot of things happened around him. He could be tired. He said he found difficult to live with two women who loved him in the same house.

“Actually, I haven’t imagined that two women loved me simultaneously. I did appreciate that, but it was also difficult for me,” he said.

But he realized that the time that he spent in Terrace House was indispensable to himself after leaving.

In fact, he was talking about Kaori who was one of residents and already graduated. She was only person for him to be able to see as a partner. Of course, not sure, but he said that there was a possibility to be her boyfriend…Unfortunately, he missed a chance to spend a lot of time with her in Terrace House because he graduated instantly before he came.

If she had been in Terrace House longer, he could have found his crush through the livings of Terrace House. This confessions made me so shocked.

As he said, Kaori was an adult mature in mind. In addition, he respected her way to concentrate to the job.

What about Vivi??

Yes, this is the most important thing here lol. According to what he said, first of all, her actions made him think that she might take any interests in him, but he has kept telling himself that she dose not like him.

“This is because she is really beautiful, so might not be interested in an ordinally person, like me,” he said.

He knows about her charms enough. However, the fact that she will move to America for her dream after leaving to Terrace House stopped him moving forward. And eventually he could not change his mind.

In the last day in the playing rom, Vivi kissed him.

“Actually, I didn’t know what to say about the kiss,” he said.

At first, he was so surprised when she kissed him. He has not even expected that he kiss someone in the house.

“The most complexed kiss in my life,” he said.

Also he said Peppe was the best friend in the house. Ryo admired his attitude to fulfill his goal in Japan.

“He has a ton of tips that I will need in my life. I am going to keep in touch with him,” he said.

Actually, I wrote a story of Peppe too. So if you are interested in him, please read it.

I could learn how difficult to fall in love with someone is again from him. The component that made their relationship more complexed was that they were living in the same house. If he had stayed away from them, he could have just kept distance from them for a while. As a result, an unnecessary trouble dose not happen among them.

However, in other words, he could get a chance to face to them. So I hope that living Terrace House was good for him.

I am so looking forwards to seeing new resident!!

PEPPE (DURATO GIUSEPPE), the best person ever in Terrace House

I am so excited to talk about him because I love him! : Twitter: He is coming from Italy to be a comic writer in Japan. Seeing the briskly working him also left a strong impression. He starts living in Terrace House owing to the fact that he tells people that all Italy are not play boy.

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