Review of 32rd week of Terrace House” I hate you”

Ryo graduated from the house

Hey guys. Personally, I started working at new job place. I do not have enough time to devote myself to write a story... but I will do my best! This is because I feel this episode made me surprised in many ways. 

Ryo announced his graduation 

31rd week started with the scene that they did barbecue outside because Ryo invited them in advance. They pretty enjoyed having the time. Ryo said this is the best memory of his time off. And then he announced his graduation. 

“I am leaving Terrace House,” he suddenly said. 

Everyone was surprised and exclaimed. But Vivi said she thought so. 

“I knew you planed this dinner for that reason.”

And Kai asked him why he is leaving. 

Ryo told them that his head coach has been asking me to leave the show. 

“I have this break from practice this week, but I will be crazy busy again next week. So I figured it is time to move out.” 
He said he moved here hoping to grow and find inspiration. 

“I have learned tons. A side of effect on f being in the house is that people are paying more attention to my actions.  So I feel an even deeper responsibility to work hard. That was great thing I gained at the house.” 

Emika started crying and told him how she felt sad. 

“ I am finally at a point where I feel totally comfortable in the house, and you are the one of the people I like talking to,” she said.   

Vivi also cried while listening to Emika. And she said she goes to the restroom because her nose was running. However, she didn’t go there for a real. She was just out of the conversation and cried alone. 

After Vivi was leaving, Hana asked him to follow her. But his answer was no. 

Hana confessed 

Finally, Hana told his her feelings at that time.

“When I met you for the first time after you got back from your camp, I fell in love. Because of that, I know that I have done and said some weird things. You were my crush for two and half months,” she said.

Ryo told her that he knew that and he wasn’t sure when would be a good time to tell her how he was feeling.

“I didn’t see you as a potential romantic partner. But I was really touched that you put so much thought in trying to connect with me. That was really courageous of you, and I am thankful for you,” he said.

After getting the words from him, Hana said thank you to him with a smile.

“Thank you for providing me with an opportunity for growth,” she said. 

I hate you

They got back to the house. Vivi asked him if she can talk with him upstairs. Once they got inside of playroom, she started talking.

“You said you would planned to talk to me before leaving. When was that going to happen?,” she asked.

He said he was thinking of telling after he announced that he would be leaving.

“I cannot let go of the fact that you want to eventually move to America. So it is hard for me to imagine having a relationship with you.”

For make sure, she confirmed that he decided not to even try. And he nodded.
After his confession, she asked him to listen to the song which they listened together for the first. She grasped his hand and got close to him. Gradually she put her hand on his face to draw and kissed Ryo.

She said she honestly thought he would be her reason for staying in Japan.

“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.”

Finally, he left without crying in the morning next day. In my opinion, he could not find a crush in the house unfortunately. I thought that he might be able to accept her feelings, but he said that he didn’t feel anything from the kiss during the last interview.

What will happen between Hana and Kai ?

One day, Hana ate dinner with Kai after her game in Shinkiba.

Hana has been having a good impression to him, so I hope that they can get closed.

Hana said that she nowadays agrees with his view in terms of crush.

“You mentioned that you prefer a person who is honest with their feelings. I have really come to relate to that. I want it to be easy to know where I stand with the person that I like.”

In addition, she told him that she is finding that he is really easy to talk to.

Well, actually, I cannot say many things about Kai and Hana because she was dumped by Ryo currently. Of course, it is really important to change her way of thinking at once. This is because she finally gets a space to be able to think about another man in her head haha. However, for some people, they found uncomfortable to be seen as a crush soon. So I want her to not to rush! In that case, she should be careful in the way to get close to him. 

Tupas told Emika his feelings and Emika said…

Emika finally knew that Hana trashed talk about Emika in the 24rd week of Terrace House “Pink Rose” when they were watching it in the playroom.
Did you remember this episode? Well, in brief, some people thought that there was something sinister about what Emika’s behavior against Hana in the episode. Furthermore, presenters criticized her too much. She got out of the playroom and cried in the living room. Tupas could not be indifferent to her plight, so she decided to stand by her.

He said he didn’t feel anything about her at all even if he watched the episode.
“The people who are closest to you understand who you really are, right?”

She said she dose not think she has the fortitude for it. “There is no doubt that anyone who saw that episode would hate me instantly. I wasn’t aware that that was how I was coming off.”

Tupas comforted her and told she is weak.
“But I like that about you. That makes you human and I like that about you,” he said.
He gave her hug. (But she was puzzled…)

Next day, Emika told Tupas that she would leave Terrace House next week.
“I would love to spend more time with you. But I have decided to leave the house.”

Tupas said he wants to have more time together.
“I think… I like you.”

Then Emika said that she has feelings for you, too.
“Let’s plan a date,” she said.

Hmmm. You know what? Like, if you just reading this reviews, you will think they are going to reach the happy end. But the atmosphere between Emika and Tupas at that time was so dark. I don’t why! It is bit difficult for me to think that Emika really likes him.
Of course, if she really does, it will be super good. I hope that I can see her smile again and a good end.

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