The 32rd week of Another Terrace House “I can’t get over trauma”

The 32rd week of Another Terrace House “I can’t get over trauma”

Hi there! Long time no see lol I am so busy these days. I could not afford to write a story… I am sorry for my blog readers. Actually, the total number of readers of my blog exceeded 3,000 people. Thank you so much. I did so appreciate that. I have just started writing a story for a self-satisfaction. But I am so glad to be able to write a story for people who are interested in Terrace House as well as Japan.

I am sorry to begin with a long introduction.
Well, as you know, Ryo finally graduated from Terrace House. Did you already check his last interview? He mentioned that he would have fallen in love with Kaori if she had stayed in the house longer. He and she narrowly missed each other unfortunately. I hope that he can find his crush in the future.
On the 32rd week of Another Terrace House, Hana had a dinner with Kai after her game. First of all, Kai asked her about Ryo. Hana said that she could tell Ryo her feelings when they had a barbecue.

“But I have already known that he has not taken any interests in me before listening to his answer, so I was just glad to confess,” she said.

Kai also was glad to hear that her hazy feelings has gone.

“If you could not do that, you still keep struggling,” he said. 

In addition, Hana told Kai that Ryo said that his lack of interest has nothing to do with you being a pro wrestler.

“Ryo cared a lot and said that for me. But I am negative person, so I thought that he dose not like me as Kimura Hana being a girl,” she said.

Then, Kai was in thought with his arms folded.

“Are you still concerned about your occupation?,” Kai asked.

She has an bad experience with ex-boyfriend who could not accept her as a pro wrestler.

“I just thought that eventually guys usually like a girl such womanly at that time. And I cannot get over trauma,” she said.

However, if she can meet a boy who admits her both side, being a pro wrestler and a girl suffering trauma from an experience with ex-boyfriend, she will be able to fall in love with the boy.
On the other hands, Kai talked about Vivi.

“She is a straight forward person, and it is good. But sometimes I feel that she dose not try to understand my views,” Kai said.

Hana said that there is also good opportunity to get know a person having a different perspective well through the livings of Terrace House.

In my opinion, actually, I can understand what he wanted to say. He might have his own personality which is slightly different from them. He might be amiable and not driving like Vivi. In other words, they have their own social style. It is absolutely difficult to understand each other completely. Of course, Vivi also has a lot of charms as well as Kai dose.
So, I just want Vivi to realize that the fact and sometime people have to change the way to figure out it. Well, but it is still difficult and comlicated issue lol. Anyway, I should not take my eyes off their movements for a while.

Last Interview of Ryo Tawatari

Finally, he graduated from Terrace House. Well, there were a lot of things happened around him. He could be tired. He said he found difficult to live with two women who loved him in the same house. "Actually, I haven't imagined that two women loved me simultaneously.

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