The 33rd week of Terrace House “Half Blue”

A new member brings a love romance 

Hey guys, long time no see! Finally, we can see the next episode. I have been waiting for the moment because Emika gives her answer to Tupas. In addition, I am so interested in how the story between Kai and Hana will develop from now on! 

Just friends

First of all, girls member talked about the date of Kai and Hana at the dining room.Hana said that Kai is very easy to talk to.

“But I would prefer to be pursued. We went out for monjayaki together. But I had to push those plans to make it happen.”

If he would take the reins on things more readily, Hana would feel more taken care of, more womanly.
I can understand what she wants to talk about it. We admire the gentleman. Especially, Ryo was really good at dealing with girls. If she compares Kai with Ryo, she will be not able to be satisfied. She said that Kai didn’t make her feel like a woman.

However, actually, I thought that she starts taking interests in him. So it was totally out of my expectation.

Kai realized that he likes her

Well, anyway, she went to the trampoland in Tokyo for the date with Kai. After that, Kai talked about Hana to Vivi.
He said that it was awesome.

“I feel like our connection has deepened more than before. When I see har, I see a genuinely beautiful spirit.”

But he also feel there needs to be something to help bring he and she closer. But he dose not know what.

Vivi told him that Hana tends to like chivalrous gestures.

“She likes a person who takes the lead. For example. Someone who is proactive about planning dates, so you should plan something for her,” Vivi said.

Emika told him her feelings…

Emika invited Tupas to go somewhere for the date before leaving the house. They went to Yomiuriland which is a good place to enjoy illuminations in Tokyo. Tupas said that he has never been to an amusement park with a girl.

“Thank you for telling me about your department next week. Within the last month, spending time with you has showed me how special you are to me. To put it simply, I really like you,” he confessed.  
And he asked her to be his girl’s friend. Then Emika said, yes!

I am so happy !!! In fact that, Emika dose not accept him because her reaction was not what Tupas expected when he offered her his hand to grasp.
I just hope that they do not break up soon as Yamasato said.

A new member is coming!

Finally, the new member is coming. Toshiyuki Nino, 30-years-old, runs business. They offer support for exit strategies. He said that they do resignation mediation. That what it is officially called.

“When people are ready to leave their jobs, we mediate that process. That is the main service we offer. We are hired by people who want to resign but can not bring themselves to express it.”

Wow, maybe you have never imagined that people need someone’s help when they leave their own company. Actually, these services has not been familiar with even Japanese people before. However, I heard it nowadays.

As I talked about Japanese salaryman, they suffer from the problem between them and their bosses.

Toshiyuki said if they fear their managers, the process could be pretty awkward.

“So, we step in to assist them with the process. People have taken their own lives because of this situation. I want to help prevent that from happening.”

Was that date??

In the morning, Hana made pancakes with Kai for breakfast. Toshiyuki was there too. Toshiyuki asked them what kind of dates everyone go on?
Then Hana told him that she has not been on any dates. And Toshiyuki invited Hana for a date. Hana gave an embarrassed smile, meanwhile Kai was confused. After he saw her reaction, he was thinking what the date is.

“If you hang out, that is a date, right?. You two went to the trampoline park? Isn’t that a date?,” he said.

While Hana was thinking about it, Kai said that it was a date.  
Hana did not think that was a date. It was shocked for Kai. Please do not give up Kai..!

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