The review of 34 Terrace House “Case of Bottle Beer Incident”

The review of 34 Terrace House “Case of Bottle Beer Incident”

Long time no see? For me it is been a long time to write a story of Terrace House haha. I am sorry that I am too late to update. Well, I have many things to want to talk to you guys here. This is because many new residents were coming to Terrace House.
Of course, I am so interested in Niino whose cheeks have been red entire time.
First of all, unfortunately Emika and Tupas graduated from the house. But eventually they decided to be a couple. So I am happy with their decision.

The most difficult things

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Toshiyuki invited Hana for a dinner. He took a taxi to get there. Hana asked him the most difficult experience he has ever had at that time.
He said that t was the first company he ever worked for. The company was one of the most mentally challenging situation he has been in.

“I didn’t get along well with my boss. They would yell on a daily basis. But that because the inspiration for me mediation business,” he said.

Actually, I was in the same broken boat. This was why I changed the job place. I know that it was difficult problem because we could not choose our boss.It looks like a capsule toy machine, many people said. What we can only do is preying to the god for that. I hope that his projects will get on the right track.

By the way, I don’t think anything happens between Toshiyuki and Hana. Also his crush will be new resident!

New residents are coming

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One of them is Yume Yoshida who has a good style. She is, 24-year-old, a Japanese woman. And she works at an IT company and do some talent work on the side.
She said that she love both of the jobs at the moment.

“But I wouldn’t be heartbroken if I had to let go of the entertainment work. I don’t have a clear vision for my career goals. I am hopping this experience will help me figure out my passions.”

Hana asked her type. She answered that she likes a manly man.

“Someone who is compassionate and tends to be natural leader. I like a proactive planner,” she said.

Surprisingly, she has dated about nine boys so far. She is really popular among men.She said that she is very forward when she likes someone.
Vivi told her that she and Toshiyuki are getting along. Hana agreed with the opinion. In fact, I thought so lol.
She also said that she would like to meet him.

At that time, the doorbell rang. The boy showed up in front of them was a new resident. Actually, he looks like an asexual male as opposed to the man who Yume tends to like. 


Shion Suzuki is, 22-year-old, a Japanese university student. She works as a model as well.

He was planning to work at a travel company. But he thought it was his last chance before graduation, so he applied to a modeling audition. Then he won the grand prize at that audition. From there, he shifted gears o focus on modeling and acting.
I guess that he is also popular among women. However, he was seemed to be shy. Gradually he can open his mind. Then we know who he is in real.

Case of Bottle Beer Incident

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I would like to tell you what and how happened the case haha.
At first, they watched Terrace House in the play room. Actually, Yume didn’t get back home yet at that time.
They just enjoyed the time. Suddenly, Toshiyuki stood up and said going to the bathroom. However, he didn’t go back to the play room to join them again. He was just sitting the chair in the dining room alone.
Then Yume came. That was first meeting for them. He tried to asked her to drink together. And he took a bottle beer from the fridge. Yes, I know that some people already noticed something. That was the item of this case lol.
They started sharing the bottle. In addition, he mouthed the entire opening. I laughed so much for the moment. Actually, I didn’t mind too much until I heard the opinions of studio members.
After that, Toshiyuki told Kai and Shion that she has great potential in the boy’s room.

“100% lived up to expectations. If she were beef, she would be A5 grade,” he said.
By the way, Yume took any interests in Shion. I am so excited to watch next episode!

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