What is going on Japan under the influence of novel coronavirus?

What is going on Japan under the influence of novel coronavirus?

Hey guys!! I am so sorry to be late to update the blog.

And today, I am going to write about a story of coronavirus in Japan. It is a time to talk about it. However, I will also plan to update the Terrace House Blog as soon as possible!
I was so busy these days. In addition most Japanese workers are attacked by coronavirus spread over Japan right now. I think many people want to know what is going on my country.
Most of Japanese schools, including elementary school, junior high school and high school are closed. Furthermore, the amusement parks, like Disney resort are also temporarily closed.
It was tremendous damage in Japanese economy.
Moreover, the lack of toilet paper is remarkable in many stores. Some people started rumor that the Japan will run short of the toilet papers because of influence of coronavirus in the near future.
Jesus Christ…! And now, my company offered me to stay home because of that for two weeks.

Temporary school closure

The Japanese government requested all school, including elementally school, junior high school and high school, to close temporarily On Feb, 28. As a result, it triggered off some problems in Japan. Many parents who have their own kids are not be able to go to work because they have to take care of them at home. Furthermore, many students who have been waiting for their own graduations ceremony were forced to cancelled.

Actually, I have friends being at the same situations as them. It was so sad. More often than not Japanese graduated students planed to travel. However, they also had to cancel or postpone it.

By the way, my mother is working as a teacher in Tokyo. Even if the school is being closed, she and other teachers are still working at school. I know how busy Japanese teachers are, but it is proved under the situation obviously…

Wow, you guys might be interested in what the students are doing right now. I am curious too.

Actually, they hit the town with friends. I see many young people in city nowadays. I know that they do not have anything to do special for temporarily closure. But I am worried about if they are infected by coronavirus out of school.

Where is the toilet roll?? 

For me, this is the big problem. This happened suddenly. When I went to the super market as usual, I could not find the toilet rolls at all. It totally disappeared from the stores.
It was easy for me to understand the lack of masks. But I have never expected that the toilet rolls are running short.
I did not know what happened until I checked twitter. There was a rumor that the toilet rolls will be running short because of the influence of coronavirus.
However, they could not stop buying it although they already know it was just rumor. In addition, the number of people how resell toilet rolls as well as mask on the internet, The price was not affordable. It sucks.
In my case, I really needed to buy but I could not find that in the stores near by my home. So I went to the store where it is two stops away. It was ridiculous.

Now, Japanese government tries to deal with this problem. So they will be punished.

These days, some stores tried to solve this problem by a ton of toilet roll.
They proved that they still have a large stock and help people stop buying carelessly. It was trending on Japanese twitter. I hope that the situation soon settled because I do not want to pay attention to this anymore. 

Unfortunately, the number of infected persons has been increased among Japan. We should keep an eye out so that we will not fail to miss the important information related to coronavirus.

I do not why, but there was a man who went to the restaurant after he tested positive for the novel coronavirus.
I wish that I can spend my days in pace and quiet again.

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